Activlan – a new solution for hearing problems

Deterioration of hearing ability is an increasingly common condition. According to statistics, 59% of people over the age of 50 suffer from severe hearing impairment. The most damage done to hearing is by ubiquitous noise and untreated upper respiratory tract infections. Quite often, hearing problems make it difficult to keep in contact with the environment which leads to exclusion from social life. So what can we do if we notice that our hearing does not work as it should? Activlan is the answer to this question.

An effective way to improve your hearing

The pharmaceutical market offers a number of different hearing enhancement products, but Activlan capsules are particularly noteworthy. This is a novelty on the market, it reverses hearing damage and prevents further damage. For these reasons, this solution has gained a lot of popularity among people who want to effectively and quickly improve their hearing. What is the phenomenon of Activlan? In this article we will try to find out.

What to do when we our hearing worsens?

Despite the wide selection of hearing aids, they do not solve the source of the problem. Even if we use a properly selected and tuned hearing instrument, we often still do not hear enough. Until recently, the only chance to improve hearing for such people was an expensive and risky operation. Activlan was created in response to the needs of people who are looking for an effective yet fully natural solution to problems with the functioning of the hearing system.

Activlan – a unique solution for improving hearing

Activlan’s unique strength lies in the combination of Ginkgo biloba extract, Q10 coenzyme, zinc and magnesium. These components regenerate the auditory cells, which directly influence the improvement of the hearing range of ambient sounds.

Let’s take a look at the action of the individual components of Activlan:

Ginkgo biloba extract. This is a key ingredient in Activlan, which directly contributes to improving hearing comfort through improved peripheral and cerebrovascular circulation. It increases the flow of blood, thereby causing better blood supply to the inner ear and faster regeneration. It also activates mental processes, resulting in stronger concentration and added vitality. Moreover, ginkgo biloba has antioxidant properties. As a result, it slows the aging process of the body and prevents senile dementia. In addition, it helps to eliminate tinnitus and headaches.

The Q10 Coenzyme is found in every cell of the body and is essential for its proper functioning. The Q10 Coenzyme  contained in Activlan is involved in the process of producing energy in cells and positively influences their oxygenation. It is a powerful antioxidant and protects against the damaging effects of free radicals. Our body produces a certain amount of it, but its production drops dramatically after the age of 35. When coenzyme Q10 is missing, the performance of our body decreases and negative changes from the organs such as the inner ear occur. What is important, the unique property of the Q10 coenzyme is its restorative capacity on the body. It rebuilds the epithelial cells and regenerates the cartilage, which contributes to better hearing.

Zinc and magnesium, these elements are involved in almost all processes in our body. Their deficiency leads to hearing impairment, but also increases the risk of heart disease. Zinc also prevents and suppresses bacterial and viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, which can also lead to hearing impairment.

All of these beneficial ingredients are in suitable proportions in one 1000 milligram capsule of Activlan. The product is completely natural and safe for the body. Take two tablets a day, one 30 minutes before breakfast, the other before dinner to achieve the desired effect.

What distinguishes Activlan?

Why other solutions are not able to match Activlan? This is the result of a scientific approach to hearing improvement and a carefully crafted composition that stimulates the ear to better receive sounds from the environment. This is not all the distinguishes Activlan though. First and foremost, the treatment works regardless of age and what caused the hearing impairment. Activlan will therefore work well for both the elderly and the younger. In the case of people over 50, the effects will take a little longer, as a result of slower cell regeneration. Moreover, it has been proven that Activlan’s monthly treatment not only improves hearing but also reduces or completely eliminates other ailments such as tinnitus, ringing and clogging in the ears, including migraine headaches.

Activlan – effeciency proven by research

The effectiveness of Activlan has been thoroughly tested at one of the largest research centers in Toronto. A well-known specialist in the field of laryngology, Dr. Adam Fisherman conducted tests on a group of volunteers with hearing problems of all ages while in Bern with his team.

Each of them has undergone a thorough, multi-stage hearing test to take part in the tests. This way, 148 people aged 29-87 years with progressive hearing loss were identified. The purpose of the study was to determine changes in hearing loss that occur after 30 days of supplementation with Activlan. All volunteers were divided into two groups. The first one was taking Activlan for 4 weeks regularly, while the other taking placebo. None of the groups knew the name of the solution or its exact effect on the body.

Results after 4 weeks showed that as many as 87% of people had noticeable improvements in hearing after Activlan supplementation compared to the placebo group. In contrast, 67% of people also indicated improvement in long range audibility and reduction of tinnitus. The results were so good that many people gave up their daily use of the hearing aid for Activlan. It is important to note that this is just one of the numerous tests administered by the introduction of Activlan on the market.

Here are some of the recommendations:

– This is the first solution that made me hear everything clearly again! Before I went from specialist to specialist, but no one could help me. Only after Activlan did I feel a huge difference – says 57-year-old Anna Friedrich, one of the participants in the study.

Specialists confirm the effectiveness of Activlan in hearing disorders

The Swiss specialist’s research has not gone unnoticed. Very soon it  became the number one topic of the medical community. Many specialists have included this solution for treating patients with hearing impairment with very good results. People who use it say that it is a product that not only has a unique composition, but also a high efficiency and multifaceted effect. Although Activlan has appeared on the market relatively recently, it has already hit popularity records, mainly in West Europe. Consequently, his stockpile was short-lived.

Is it worth choosing Activlan for treating hearing problems?

In conclusion, given the high efficiency of the formula confirmed by the research and the positive feedback from experts and specialists, it is worth the time to consider this product. One thing is certain, Activlan is the best product to improve the hearing quality currently available on the market. Its main advantage is that it can be used at any age, regardless of the cause of hearing impairment. Its composition is completely natural and does not cause any negative side effects, even in the case of the elderly.

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