Antispur Duo Forte – How to get rid of the heel pain

When heel pain becomes unbearable, and each step becomes a burden of pain and irritation, this is most likely a sign of a serious illness. Typically, the initial pain at the back of the foot may be fatigue and a sign of overworking. However, if despite limiting activity these symptoms do not subside, consider what could really be the cause of the problem. This knowledge is key to preventing aggravation of the disease and allowing you to choose the method in which you want to effectively restore feet to their full capacity.

Where does heel pain originate from?

There can be at least a dozen reasons for aching feet . A thorough analysis of the lifestyle decides whether you can accurately specify the source of the problem. Many people discover the genetic causes of the conditions which affect the structure of their feet. Others, however, maintain that this state of affairs corresponds to improper care. Unfortunately, the sources of foot problems can be much more diverse. Strong stress has a significant impact on heel condition – much more than the body is able to endure. This manifests as neuralgia, also in the back of the foot.

The whole silhouette is based on the feet, so we should give them special care. Unfortunately, many of us forget that this part of the body requires the same care as the face or hands. A lack of regular skin abrasion can cause many problems. It grows so fast on in the heel area, and is not exposed to enough abrasion. This makes the heel skin thick and rough, it becomes calloused and cracks – it is a very painful result of neglecting basic foot care.

This is bad for your feet

An equally trivial cause of foot problems, which can be easily avoided, is the wrong choice of footwear. Shoes that are not matched to the shape and size of the foot, constrict and chafe it. If they are too big or too loose – they do not function as shock absorbers, exposing foot on the numerous injuries. The result may be even inflammation of the Achilles tendon, also called achillodynia.

But this is not the end. A wrong posture and extra kilograms that are abusing the joints and standing work can also have a very bad effect, and can lead to overloading not only feet, but the entire body. Diet has an effect on this as well – imbalanced distribution of nutrients in the diet (like zinc, vitamin A, protein deficiencies) leads to defects in the building material of bone and muscle. But the most painful result of heel problems is plantar fasciitis, commonly known as heel spur, which in many cases can prevents you from doing your daily activities.

The alarming symptoms of the disease

Here are a number of symptoms that should be a wake up call. These are primarily:

  • rough, calloused and burning heels,
  • pain underneath and in the back of the heel,
  • flat feet,
  • unsightly appearance of heels, cracks,
  • pressure in the back of the foot,
  • the so-called diabetic foot,
  • foot pain while resting.

If you get even one of these symptoms it means that you need to intervene as quickly as possible. Without proper action the changes within your feet will become much more difficult to eradicate, and the risk of the condition getting worse will increase with age.

Antispur Duo Terry – relief for aching heels

Podology specialists are of adamant that to deal effectively with the problem of aching heels one needs a strong, 2 step targeted solution. The answer is Antispur Duo Forte – developed in order to bring relief as soon as possible, regenerate the heels and feet to restore full functionality and well-groomed appearance.

Antispur Duo Forte is a combination of two specialized products: heavy cream Cream Duo Forte and Antispur Duo Forte elastic bands . The strength of this solution lies in both the ingredients of the cream and precise effect of the band. In this way Antispur Duo Forte is much more effective than other popular solutions, such as for example moisturizing creams, ointments or orthotics.

How does Antispur Duo Forte work?

The Antispur Duo Forte elastic band is made of silicone, which allows you it to absorb shocks. It supports the Achilles tendon, minimizing the risk of injuries caused by walking on hard ground. The band is constructed in such a way as to ensure foot stability without the need for hard and semi-hard braces. Its action also relieves the heel, so as to ease the pain when undergoing heavier effort.

The Antispur Duo Forte band was designed a way to enhance the effects of active ingredients in Duo Forte Cream. Its unique formula removes inflammation, improves blood and lymph circulation and stimulates skin renewal. It reduces pain and the stinging sensation in the heel

The ingredients contained in the Duo Forte Cream, which intensively regenerate the area around the heel are:

Paraffin oil – due to its softening and soothing properties it provides a strong protective film. It provides a constant level of hydration, sustained even in the deep layers of the skin.

Urea 20% – helps prevent skin problems, will help to remove dead cells and calloused skin. In addition, it is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It restores skin elasticity and softens even the driest skin.

Petrolatum – forms a protective layer on the skin surface, which protects against water loss. Intensely soothes and restores softness to damaged and damaged skin.

Independent studies have shown that the combination of bands and heavy cream in Antispur Duo Forte is able to produce results in the course of 6-8 weeks of regular use. In this way, the solution has become increasingly popular among people struggling with foot problems of different surfaces: chapped skin or even heel spurs. What’s more, the Antispur Duo Forte kit gained recognition among specialists. Podology experts who recommend this solution to people suffering from sore heels and chapped feet.

Frequently asked questions about the Antispur Duo Forte kit:

  1. How is built band Antispur Duo Forte?
    The band has been created with high quality silicone that conforms to the anatomical shape of the foot. This is a very durable material, so it does not become deformed as a result of prolonged use. Through the use of breathable, coated silicone micro-tubules (latex) the band does not cause irritation and is so comfortable that it can be worn in shoes.
  2. How to use the Antispur Duo Forte kit?
    Apply the Duo Forte Cream on clean and dry skin, with particular emphasis on dried-and sore places. Massage gently in a circular motion, until completely absorbed. Then apply the Antispur Duo Forte band. The kit can be used both day and night. The first relief effects will be felt after a few minutes.
  3. What can I do to improve the effectiveness of the treatment?
    Proper foot care can effectively support the regeneration of the skin and soothe overworked feet. To perform regenerating treatment, get a bowl of hot water, add porc flaxseed. Soak feet for approximately 20 minutes in the resulting solution, and after that time, use a grater and remove dead skin. Then, apply the Duo Forte cream, wear the Antispur Duo Forte band or cotton socks.


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