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Hearing problems affect almost 30% of people in the world. They usually affect older people, however young people may also suffer from hearing impairments. Listening to loud music or inadequate headphones cause slow, but steadily progressing problems with recognizing certain tones or frequencies of sound. Weakened hearing requires additional support at some point if you want to restore the ability to hear the entire range of speech and sounds. There are many alternative forms of trying to tackle the problem on the market. However, if you are in need of a discreet hearing device, take a look at Audisin Maxi Ear Sound.

Audisin Maxi Ear Sound hearing amplifier – introduction

The sound amplifier allows discreet and convenient amplification of sound waves so that they are tailored to the individual needs of the user. As a result, it eliminates the unpleasant effects of hearing diseases, restoring full efficiency, comparable to a healthy ear. The way Audisin Maxi Ear Sound itself operates is based on advanced technology that allows:

  1. boosting sound waves that reach the ear. This is the basic function of the device itself. Built-in components allow you to process and amplify the sound stimulus by up to 350%. It should be mentioned that proper clarity and sharpness of sound is required for the brain to be able to recognize and process it. If the sound is not properly processed, communication problems arise due to incomplete understanding of human speech. Audisin Maxi Ear Sound eliminates the problem of selective sound hearing, and also supports stereo hearing, which means that the user is able to recognize the exact direction of the sound and recognize the tone and frequency.
  2. removing noise. Noise is a problem that occurs in a large portion of the hearing amplifiers on the market. Typically, amplification of the sound also means the occurrence of natural background noise – a phenomenon which is completely ignored by the brain of a properly-hearing person. In the case of electronic devices, however, noise needs to be removed. Not every amplifier copes with the elimination of noise, however Audisin Maxi Ear Sound has software that intelligently removes all sound pollution, so it is always clear.
  3. intelligent selection. The background noise problem sometimes causes some hearing amplifiers to have trouble processing very quiet or distant sounds. Thanks to the ability to select stimuli through intensity and tone markers, the Audisin Maxi Ear Sound amplifier allows you to filter sounds. Background stimuli (noise) are filtered out, as opposed to sounds that carry measurable information.

Is the AUDISIN MAXI Ear Sound hearing aid safe?

People struggling with hearing problems often have concerns about using electronic devices inserted in the ear. This stems from the belief that devices used in this way can lead to a worsening or further defects, or even total deafness.

Audisin Maxi Ear Sound, however, is a completely safe, certified hearing aid. It automatically adapts to the user’s hearing loss stage, which reduces the possibility of the existing hearing loss going any further. Deterioration of recognition of speech and sounds are often the result of excessive load on the hearing organ, which consequently loses preferences with weaker stimuli. Audisin Maxi Ear Sound cares for additional strain on the middle and inner ear, making it a neutral device that does not cause any worsening or hearing impairments.

How long does Audisin Maxi Ear Sound work?

Audisin Maxi Ear Sound, like most hearing aids, has a built-in convenient battery, however, it requires occasional charging. Thanks to the charger present in the set, the Audisin Maxi amplifier can be easily charged during night hours when it is not in use.

Audisin Maxi Ear Sound:

  • only 4 hours are charged. The convenience of use is ensured by a green light indicating that the device is fully charged.
  • maintains its activity all day long. Thanks to the powerful battery, Audisin Maxi Ear Sound is fully functional for up to 20 hours of daily use.

Audisin Maxi Ear Sound – comfortable hearing aid

With a solid, ergonomic design, the Audisin Maxi Ear Sound is one of the most versatile hearing amplifiers on the market. It is small, discreet and perfectly aligned to the outer ear. This is due to the use of replaceable, light and soft silicone ear tips. Each set has five profiled mushrooms of different sizes. They have been designed to adhere to the pinna, without causing discomfort. It is the interchangeable ends that give the Audisin Maxi Ear Sound hearing amplifier resistance to shocks, such as physical activity. Accurate fit means additional discretion of use – it is not possible for the device to fall out of the ear.

Experts’ opinions about Audisin Maxi Ear Sound

The device has received positive reviews and certificates of experts around the world. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the experience of doctors worldwide

“It’s one of the best commercial cameras of its kind,” says Professor David Hamill, an audiologist. “The silicone tips ensure good co-operation with the natural structure of the external ear, and the level of modulation of sounds makes the amplifier work even in patients with advanced hearing loss. At the same time, which is a feature of good cameras, Audisin Maxi Ear Sound removes background noise, the biggest problem when using amplifiers. It also cope well with singing sounds by tone and locating them in space. The result is a significant improvement in communication between the patient and the environment.

Doctors agree that Audisin Maxi Ear Sound can help solve the problems of people with hearing impairments, including hearing loss of certain frequencies. Studies have shown that 98% of patients with mild hearing loss and 91% with moderate hearing have reported a marked improvement in functioning as early as on the first day of using the device. At the same time, it has been proven that long-term (3-5 years) use of Audisin Maxi Ear Sound does not cause any side effects and does not affect the progress of hearing or comprehension disorders.

How should I use Audisin Maxi Ear Sound?

To start using the device, charge it initially. Pre-loading may take longer than regular loading(up to eight hours). When the green LED lights up, the amplifier is ready for use. After matching one of five available sets of tips you can successfully start using Audisin Maxi Ear Sound.

At the beginning of use, light noise may appear. This is due to the adaptation of the device to the degree of defect and this sensation should disappear completely within the first month of use. When the device properly integrates into the ear, all noise should be eliminated.

It is also important to set the device’s volume accordingly. Audisin Maxi allows for multi-level volume control, so setting the level that simulates the ear should not cause any major problems.

Audisin Maxi Ear Sound is the path to healthy hearing

The breakthrough Audisin Maxi Ear Sound technology means that today people with hearing loss can enjoy the full experience of hearing the world around them. The camera is lightweight, hypoallergenic and discreet, by wearing it, you can forget that it was ever there. Intelligent technology makes the amplifier able to help people with rare cases of insensitivity to sounds, and also provides excellent sharpness and recognition of sounds. It combines, most importantly, the tones of human speech, which significantly improves the communication quality of people wearing the device.


Important information:
For all those interested in the product – Audisin Maxi Ear Sound. The hearing amplifier made its debut on the Polish market relatively recently, to start things off, the manufacturer offered free shipment for the first 1000 customers.

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