Best herbs for weight loss

The beneficial properties of herbs have been in use for centuries, for all types of ailments. Herbs are a safe, natural and effective measure of fighting ailments. Not many people know, however, that herbs can be used to fight obesity. What’s more, most of them are readily available in drug stores of health food stores.

Here are 9 herbs which will help you achieve a slim figure.

  1. Green tea
    This drink comes from China , where it has been drunk for over 4,000 years . It was used in Japan and India as a cure for various ailments. Green tea helps to burn calories, aids metabolism and fat oxidation in the body. It contains caffeine, which, in contrast to the caffeine in coffee, does not work on the body rapidly. Green tea also has other compounds with psychoactive effects, it effectively removes fatigue that often accompanies people on a diet. Remember to buy green tea in the form of leaves – the tea bags have much less positive qualities.
  1. Alder buckthor
    Used in herbal medicine in the form of powdered bark and as a fruit. It is essential to remember that fresh buckthorn is poisonous . The drying process removes these properties, however, you should be careful and only buy from a trusted source. The infusion of buckthorn improves peristalsis, stimulates the colon and acts as a slight laxative. In addition, it regulates metabolism .
  1. Yerba mate
    It comes from South America. Increases satiety, reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism, thereby making the process of losing weight easier. In addition, yerba mate inhibits the digestive enzyme – pancreatic lipase, which digests fats . As a result, high-fat meals have a reduced caloric content
  1. White Mulberry
    White mulberry received the title of “treasure plant” for its health properties and wealth of valuable components. It has a positive effect on sugar metabolism in the body and helps to keep the correct glucose level in the blood. It reduces cravings for sweets and reduces deposition of fat.
  1. Dandelion
    The group of herbs for weight loss properties also include dandelion. It regulates metabolism, which, due to constant dieting and bad eating habits has slowed and deregulated itself. It has a beneficial effect on the liver. Moreover, thanks to the diuretic properties of dandelion, it helps remove accumulated toxins and harmful butyrate from the body.
  1. Heartsease
    Infusion of violet tricolor cleanses the body of harmful substances, which are a side effect of metabolism. As a result, it accelerates metabolism, and helps to increase the effectiveness of calorie burning. Additionally,with regular use, it improves the appearance of skin and reduces inflammation of the skin.
  1. Pu-erh Tea
    Red tea (Pu-erh) is often called fat killer, and this has been confirmed by many scientific studies. Reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol and reduces the digestion and absorption of fat, while increasing its excretion from the body. Pu-erh tea also enhances the secretion of digestive juices and stimulates the bowel. You should know that red tea not only helps weight loss – this drink has a beneficial effect on the health of the whole organism. To take full advantage of slimming and health promoting properties of red tea, you need to follow important rules: do not soak the tea with boiling water – the optimum temperature should be approx. 95 degrees Celsius.
  1. Horsetail
    Infusions of horsetail are used as a mild diuretic. But the most important component of the plant is silica – the substance is readily soluble in water and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, improving metabolism. In addition, horsetail improves blood circulation and thus reduces symptoms of cellulite.
  1. Yarrow
    An infusion of yarrow helps digestion and increases the metabolic rate. Increases the secretion of gastric juices, stimulates digestion and improves the absorption of many valuable nutrients. But beware! People prone to allergiesmay have a reaction to yarrow. It’s something to keep in mind, just like the fact, that eating too much will cause mild poisoning with symptoms like bewilderment and headache. This herb helps to cleanse the body, will support the metabolism and will support the fight against unnecessary pounds. Do not use it as a replacement for a rational diet and regular exercise, however. Losing weight is a serious matter and usually its course depends on the individual abilities of the body. First of all, remember that even herbs can not be taken in any quantity and at every opportunity. It is important to take a few weeks break after using herbs for a longer time.

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