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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: What is the product?

The product is a platform for learning JavaScript programming languages with HTML and CSS elements that allows you to learn the basics of programming in the shortest possible time. The platform can be used via a computer, phone or tablet (without install additional applications).

On platform is a step-by-step instruction which shows how to use it freely.

Wtih access to the platform, the consumer receives access to a course that contains 30 lessons. Each lesson consists interesting theoretical introduction and single-choice quiz to test your skills. After successfully solving the quizzes from the first 10 basic lessons, for consumer waiting practical tasks – programming exercises.

What/who is the target group Codding4U?

People who:

  • want to start coding
  • want to create their own websites
  • want to create their own programs
  • want to change jobs and become a programmer
  • want to improve their situation by getting a well-paid job
  • want to earn a lot

What makes this product different from other products on the market?

Platform combines theory and practice. Through specially constructed lessons, consumer acquires a lot of knowledge in short time. Consumer learns only the most important and really useful coding techniques. INGREDIENTS: Product in test is only in COD version. Access to the platform (individual login code) comes in an envelope with a special welcome letter

Where do I access the Codding4U platform?

You will find all the necessary information on the official Codding4U website. Check the lower link and collect a unique discount at a discount of 50%. The promotion is granted only until the end of 2021. official website

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