EcoSlim – quadruple power in the fight against obesity

Slimming syrup ecoslimSpecialists are alarmed by the epidemic of obesity – an unhealthy diet and chemical substances contained in food are poisoning our bodies. When adipose tissue reaches dangerous dimensions, your health is exposed to a number of serious complications – drastically increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and even obstructive sleep apnea and certain cancers. How to effectively fight obesity while taking care of your health? The following article will present and fully describe the absolute novelty on the market: effervescent EcoSlim slimming drops.

One solution to many problems

ecoslim componentsThe biggest problem for anyone trying to lose weight is to fight with one’s own body. Chemical substances accumulate and penetrate the body over the years; They cause digestive problems, dramatically slow metabolism and lead to excessive fat deposition, which is hard to get rid of. Fighting is often very long – an organism often can not get rid of the fat and toxins it has accumulated over the years. How to win this seemingly losing battle against your own body?

Quad power EcoSlim

ecoslimSparkling drops of EcoSlim owe their extraordinary slimming power to 4 natural ingredients. Thanks to their concentrated form, they accelerate the metabolic processes of the body, cause the disintegration and expulsion of fatty deposits and cleanse the body of toxins – the effect of EcoSlim ingredients has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Because the droplet composition is 100% natural, it does not strain the body (as opposed to other slimming supplements), so it is completely safe for your health. The drops dissolve in water, which guarantees extremely fast absorption and, consequently, immediate action. What is included in EcoSlim?

  • Ginger extract
    Ginger directly affects the digestive system; It has been used for thousands of years in natural medicine. Ginger contains as many as 8 vitamins and 8 minerals – up to several times the daily dose! Research also confirms that ginger accelerates fat burning. Contains capsaicin – the substance responsible for body thermogenesis – is a process during which the temperature rises slightly and the burning of calories is considerably increased. Ginger has also been used for thousands of years to regulate metabolism and eliminate digestive problems; The oil contained in it quickly penetrates the stomach walls and improves the functioning of the entire digestive tract. Stimulates digestive enzymes by acting in such a way that the body itself eliminates chemical and unhealthy substances on the stomach level, and only accepts healthy elements. Ginger works in two ways: it intensifies the process of burning fat and bypasses metabolism, which makes the weight loss process 2X faster. EcoSlim producers as one of the few have opted to incorporate ginger into the slimming supplements.
  • Chinese tea
    This EcoSlim drops contain high levels of antioxidants – substances responsible for mobilizing cellular defense mechanisms to fight harmful environmental substances. Toxins, with which everyone is in contact each day, may enter the body; As a result of this process, harmful free radicals damage the cells. Antioxidants directly affect the detoxification process of the body: they activate the liver enzymes so that they can “detach” toxic substances, then neutralize their toxicity and help the body expel quickly. Antioxidants are therefore very important in the process of weight loss: they detoxify the body, so that it is able to quickly and efficiently get rid of accumulated fat. It is also worth adding that removing toxins from the body along with EcoSlim significantly improves its functioning and overall appearance and well-being. Chinese tea extract with ginger helps with bowel cleansing – it is an ingredient that further supports the acceleration of metabolic processes.
  • Vegetable glycerine
    Glycerin has a mild laxative effect, which further enhances the metabolism of the body. It also helps to deal with another weight loss problem: water retention. As a result of poor diet there is water penetration from the blood vessels and excessive accumulation of it in the tissues; the body begins to “swell”. The accumulation of water in the body is often accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, decreased concentration or irritability. Water-binding properties help to “rinse” excess water from the body and bring it back to a state of equilibrium.
  • Fruit of hawthorn
    The hawthorn fruit contains flavonoids, procyanides, triterpenic acids, phytosterols, mineral salts and vitamins A and C. They have a calming effect; They alleviate the mental and emotional symptoms of stress by bringing the body into a state of mental equilibrium. Stress can destroy any attempt to lose unnecessary pounds – in times of doubt and stress caused by weight loss, it is easiest to reach for caloric foods. Hawthorn fruit of also supports the antioxidants contained in Chinese tea in the fight against free radicals: they neutralize their effect.

EcoSlim Dosage

ecoslim effects useTo get the best results, dissolve the sparkling droplets in a glass of water and drink during the meal – once a day. Ingesting EcoSlim during a meal guarantees immediate action and optimal metabolic acceleration. An added bonus is its pleasant, fruity flavor – the systematic dosage of EcoSlim is pure pleasure. The product is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial chemicals. The manufacturer guarantees the highest quality of the product – the substances are extracted using advanced technology to ensure the safety and effectiveness of EcoSlim.

Research confirms the effectiveness of EcoSlim

The efficacy of EcoSlim has been confirmed in rigorous scientific research – the effectiveness of the individual components and their combination were tested on the volunteers. The respondents were selected on the basis of 2 criteria:

  • BMI> 30 (obesity) and body fat> 35%
  • Minimum 5 years of unsuccessful fight against obesity, while min. 10 year obesity problem

The subjects were chosen for a simple reason: with a long overweight problem, the body can be said to get used to another weight; “Reprogramming” the body to higher body weight. Studies show that losing weight can be unfeasible for such people. The results of the study would unambiguously confirm or deny the contribution of EcoSlim’s active ingredients in the reduction of adipose tissue.

The test was conducted at a reputable clinic in the Czech Republic, which was led and supervised by a specialist and longtime chronic obesity researcher, Dr. A. Černý; Results were measured with the gradual introduction of EcoSlim components into the diet. The subjects were divided into two groups – one consumed EcoSlim, the other group received a placebo with the same taste; Both groups used a single diet (1200 kcal) during the study and performed a specially prepared set of exercises each day. The results of the EcoSlim drops clearly confirmed:

ecoslim buy nowAfter 1 week of use, the combined extract of Chinese tea and hawthorn fruit contained in EcoSlim detoxification process increased 27% in 84% of the subjects.

After 2 weeks of plant glycerin, it allowed the expulsion of excess water in the body in 89% of the subjects – the swelling was eliminated and the weight decreased on average by 5.4 kg more than in the placebo group.

After 3 weeks of using all of the EcoSlim active ingredients in the drop-taking group, weight was reduced by an average of 9kg. For comparison, the second group lost 5kg on average. The decrease in fat percentage was also drastically different; In the daily dose group, the decrease in body fat content was 54% higher on average than in the placebo group.

None of the subjects were found to have any effect on the blood and nervous system; There were no side effects of receiving EcoSlim drops.

EcoSlim slimming power

To sum up, EcoSlim has proven slimming action – the first effects can be seen after just 1 week of daily use: a noticeable decrease in weight (3kg on average) as a result of changing metabolic processes, disintegration and expulsion of body fat, expulsion of over 58% of accumulated toxins from the body; Eliminates the problem of excessive water retention. Due to its potent nature, it is not recommended to exceed the recommended dose of EcoSlim syrup and to closely control body weight to avoid excessive weight loss.

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