Flenisan – learn the cause of the pain and quickly start to prevent it

Every day, as many as half of Poles over the age of fifty struggle with joint degeneration. This disease, once rare, now affects even younger people. The reason for this is a sedentary lifestyle, a diet poor in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Scientists have been alarming for years that at this rate, in ten years’ time, pain in joints and spine will become common in thirty-year-old. However, there is an effective way of reversing the damage caused by the disease – it is called Flenisan, capsules for joint degeneration.

What exactly is the cause of the joint pain?

The degenerative pain is caused by the abnormal pressure of the bone on the acetabulum of the joint. This happens for several different reasons. Obese people have joint problems because of their body weight, which presses against the joints, especially the knees and hips. People who work physically can experience pain due to chronic strain. This is why builders, truck drivers, waiters, but also athletes and dancers suffer from joint degeneration. Abnormal bone development in childhood is also an important determinant of the disease. Too heavy backpack, carrying a bag only on one shoulder – all this can lead to degeneration of the spine. Pain in the lumbar or thoracic spine may in such a case occur even in relatively young people.

Other factors increasing the probability of the disease occurrence are genetic predispositions, age – the older a person, the more susceptible to degeneration he is – and past injuries and arthritis.

How to treat pain of joints and bones?

In order to get rid of joint pain once and for all, the following must occur:

  • reconstruction and regeneration of the joint capsule;
  • stopping the degenerative process;
  • increase in the range of joint movement;
  • treatment of all ongoing inflammations, including systemic ones;

Only a proper treatment to eliminate the cause of the pain will have a lasting effect. Some painkillers can temporarily make the pain disappear, but they do not cure the disease itself, but only its symptoms.


So how to get rid of pain once and for all? This depends on the degree of degeneration of the joints or spine. Doctors and physiotherapists believe that in 10% of cases it is only possible to replace a damaged joint with a prosthesis, but in 90% of cases it is possible to treat the causes of degeneration in a completely natural and non-invasive way. Recent years have brought a breakthrough in research on natural methods of pain relief – in Western European countries the number of surgeries connected with hip endoprostheses implantation has tripled, and spine operations – as many as six times!

How does the natural joint reconstruction by Flenisan work?

The unique formula of Flenisan makes the ingredients penetrate the joints affected with the disease and accelerate their regeneration by up to 400%. Although it may seem that the degenerated joint acetabulums don’t have the ability to regenerate, in fact, the opposite is true – due to the disease they have to regenerate all the time. Even healthy bones and joints rely on micro-damages during walking, but the body is usually able to cope with these damages without any additional intervention. When degenerations occur, the tissues still rebuild themselves – but they do it too slowly to stop the progress of the disease.

Only natural acceleration of the regenerative abilities of the organism combined with the stopping of inflammatory states guarantees a cure. The human body is able to get rid of osteoarthritis once and for all with the help of a formula developed by a team of scientists from the German research center in Dortmund. The method is based on macromolecular penetration into the structure of the synovial fluid, which stimulates living cells to spontaneous regeneration. Thanks to the minerals, vitamins and energy provided by Flenisan, the entire surface of the joint is able to recover within a month.

In addition, the formula contains ingredients that inhibit the impulses responsible for pain, which makes the Flenisan capsules almost instantaneous soothing.

Components of Flenisan

All Flenisan ingredients are based on natural extracts, combined in a unique way. It is the right proportions that make this product so effective. Although many of the ingredients of the formula have been used before, also in folk and alternative medicine, only their combination gives the best results.

Flenisan contains:

  • Dandelion extract. This plant has been known for its health-promoting properties since ancient times. It has an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, in appropriately selected doses it is a natural, safe antibiotic. Additionally, dandelion contains triterpenes, carotenoids, potassium, silicon, magnesium and vitamins C, B, A. All these ingredients are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. At the cellular level, this extract ensures faster regeneration of the cell membrane by 600%. It is perfect as a dietary supplement in case of inflammations and immunosuppression.
  • Viola tricolor. It is a perfect source of salicylates and flavonoids, as well as ricin. It accelerates the production of collagen, a substance necessary to build many tissues of the human body. It significantly improves blood circulation, causes the growth of capillaries around the joint. Strengthening the circulation contributes to the improvement of regenerative abilities due to the acceleration of communication between individual tissues.
  • Vitamin K, and minerals – calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, potassium, iodine. The nettle counteracts the decrease of physical fitness of the organism. This is especially important for people over fifty years of age, whose physical fitness is slowly slowing down. Thousands of years ago it was noticed that stinging nettle has a great influence on human bones, joints, hair and nails. If the extract is consumed regularly, nettle becomes one of the most pro-healthy herbs known to mankind.
  • Maca root. Restores muscle strength to help relieve joints. Many pain-related problems are caused by poor muscle tension. By rebuilding muscles, we contribute not only to the loss of pain, but also to the faster recovery of the joint to efficiency.
  • Field horsetail. Contains mineral salts, removes rheumatic deposits. Soothes the body.

Clinical trials confirm the efficacy of Flenisan

In 2017, the results of extensive research into the scientifically developed preparation were published. Almost thirty thousand people, suffering from joint diseases, back pain and degenerative pain, took part in the research. The tests were divided into two stages. In the first one, the scale of pain intensity before and after a two-week treatment with Flenisan was studied. In the second stage, organic changes of damaged tissues, mainly of joint acetabulum, were studied.

The results of the first stage of the study shocked even the researchers themselves. It turned out that Flenisan copes phenomenally with joint pain relief by macromolecular inhibition of nerve impulses. Even taking the right dose once reduced joint and spinal pain by as much as 57% in the research group!

1. week 2. week 3. week 4. week
Flenisan 6,5 5,6 3,3 2,7
Placebo 6,7 6,8 6,5 6,8

The table above shows the results of an experiment to investigate the analgesic properties of the preparation. The study groups were divided into two groups: one was given Flenisan and the other a placebo in the form of tablets filled with potato starch. Before starting the study, the participants were asked how to assess their pain on a scale of one to ten. The average in both groups was then exactly 7.7 points. After the first week a significant decrease was observed in each study group, but only in the case of Flenisan did the effect increase in the following weeks. Ultimately, after one month of the study, the average of the questionnaires was only 2.7, which means that the intensity of joint pain was almost threefold lower!

The next stage of research on Flenisan

Stage two included measurements of regeneration of damaged tissues. It is worth mentioning that not only subjective feelings of patients were examined, but also advanced X-ray scans of bone and cartilage were performed. Similarly, as in the case of pain relieving, this stage was also exceptionally positive.

1. week 2. week 3. week 4. week
Flenisan 20% 37% 67% 80%
Placebo 5% 5% 6% 7%

The table shows the percentage of damaged tissues that regenerated in a timely manner. In this way, it has been shown that as early as four weeks of using Flenisan lead to the regress of lesions in 80% of the occupied tissues! At the same time, in the same experiment, as many as 96% of patients declared that they felt a clear improvement in walking comfort, and 76% that the pain accompanying movement had disappeared or had completely passed.

Opinions on Flenisan

“Certainly, the results of clinical trials are promising”, says Dr. Karolina Bogdańczyk from Jagiellonian University. “It was one of the most interesting experiments of recent years. During my classes with medical students I discussed methods of macroscopic bone treatment on the example of Flenisan. Unfortunately, it will probably take many years before such therapies become standard of joint degeneration treatment. The reason for this is, unfortunately, the rather long period of approval of new drugs by the Ministry of Health and the constant underfunding of the budget allocated to the treatment of Poles.

Some time ago, I went to Vienna to talk to a team of doctors and professors responsible for releasing the drug on the market there. In Austria, the system allows faster approval of medicines with high therapeutic potential. In this case, the Ministry of Health there issues a special certificate, the granting of which depends on the opinion of independent experts. Flenisan received such a certificate only six months after the publication of the efficacy study, which seems to be a record-breaking record. Because of this, the supplement entered the market very quickly and is now one of the most frequently purchased preparations.

Further research on seniors over sixty-five may suggest that Flenisan has reduced the number of people suffering from joint and spinal degeneration by up to eighty thousand within a year of the supplement’s introduction. Unfortunately, there is still little information about plans to introduce Flenisan in Polish pharmacies. We may have to wait even another five years for stationary distribution. Although the supplement is one of the best on the market and is not expensive, we are faced with all the procedures that may delay distribution in Poland.

It is estimated that at the moment as many as 10,000 people annually import this drug from Austria – most often medical students who have heard about Flenisan in class and buy capsules for themselves or their family members.”

We reached to one of the people whose grandson bought Flenisan in another EU country before the supplement was introduced to Poland.

“My name is Elżbieta, I’m 63 years old. I have been suffering from spinal degeneration for almost ten years. They are caused by almost forty years of physical work – first I was a farmer, then, after the farm was closed down, I set up my own small liquor store. Unfortunately, I had a defect in my spine, which I neglected. I quickly developed back pain in the lumbar region – the doctor first recommended exercise and physiotherapy, but the problems with walking progressed. When I was fifty-seven years old, I was declared unfit for work and found myself on a pension that didn’t even cover the price of the medication I needed.

I heard about Flenisan from my grandson Bartek, who was studying medicine in Krakow. In their second year, they reportedly discussed the results of a groundbreaking study that was published elsewhere in Europe. Unfortunately, the discussed medication was not available in the country at that time. Bartek, however, tried to obtain permission to transport the pills to Poland. It was quite simple, because the supplement was based only on natural ingredients, was non-addictive, didn’t cause euphoria, so it was considered safe.

I started taking the capsules three months before the date when I was to apply to ZUS for an extension of my pension. Nobody had any doubts then that I was entitled to it. However, two weeks passed, and I stopped feeling any pain at all when moving around! On the contrary, I felt better than ever. I slowly realized that I could walk again and function normally. After a month, I felt fully functional – the pain had completely disappeared. The examination showed that I was fit for work and the X-ray showed that the degenerative changes in my spine had started to reverse. I had still worked physically for five years before I finally retired. I highly recommend Flenisan to all my colleagues and I am glad that this medicine will finally be available in Poland.!”

Where I can buy Flenisan?

Currently, the product is sold only on the Mexican market. Click the link below to go to the Spanish language version.

Flenisan Mexico

FAQ – Flenisan

Flenisan productHow to dose Flenisan?
The preparation is intended to be taken daily, after waking up, with a meal. It is important to take it regularly at the same time to maximize the beneficial effects of the product. If you miss a dose, you should not take two tablets to spare.

What are the undesirable effects of Flenisan?
As a natural product of plant origin, the preparation is completely safe and does not cause any undesirable effects. There is no contraindication against combining it with other medicines, including prescription drugs.

Is Flenisan a vegan product?
Yes, Flenisan contains only ingredients of plant origin and natural fillers. It is therefore safe for vegetarians and vegans.

Is Flenisan a hypoallergenic product?
The capsules are not hypoallergenic. Hypersensitivity to any of the components of Flenisan can lead to allergic reactions such as rash, swelling, anaphylactic shock. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the product does not contain any substances that cause allergies in the patient before taking it.

Is Flenisan a product intended for children?
There are no contraindications to the use of the product by children. The dosage is the same as for an adult. An overdose of the drug is impossible, however, due to the size of the capsules, it is not recommended to give it to young children who could choke when swallowing.

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  1. If the pain in my hip is accompanied by pain in my spine and knees – it may be caused by bad posture. The position of the pelvis is especially important. You can not see it yourself and even if you exercise you’re just running the risk of injury. It is better to attend dance classes, sometimes a chiropractor can recommend a good set of exercises.
    This is one thing. Another is that there may be some inflammation in the bones, change in diet offers some help with this (for example, leaving out dairy or wheat products for some time). It is also worth checking out. Flenisan can help, a well-chosen drug will add energy, but if the causes are as stated above, then it is sadly not enough.
    Operation is a last resort solution!

  2. A friend who is a physiotherapist recommended this supplement to me. It’s clear that it’s better to care of joints from young age, but I can’t turn back time. I have been mild pains for several years now. I recommend that you use Flenisan to regenerate cartilage. And actually I have to say that now I have pains at most once a month and earlier I felt them each and every day and I could hardly get out of bed. I recommend it very much and it is important to accept it systematically

  3. I recommend this, I do not know if it’s a placebo or not, but after Flenisan I have no problems with my knee! everyone who has knee trouble it knows what it is like, the pain and discomfort, so I advise you to try because it is worth the price. besides, it’s always a good support the bones a little

  4. Supposedly these supplements are to treat joints? I think it works well for the psyche and for cleaning the wallet. My husband has been treated for knee, elbow and hip joints for over a dozen years, and works thanks to the decent medicines and locks that he has to exchange every now and then and is already after knee and elbow surgery. My mum has also been in treatment for a time but so far only the drugs help so what do you think can supplements do? If you believe in this rubbish, then aspirin will help you too.

  5. Why are you attacking right off the bat? There are many people whom these pills have helped and that is the most important thing. Its ingredients are good and it has a decent painkilling effect. I have been running myself for several years and have noticed problems with my knees (although not severely uncomfortable) and I use such preparations with success

  6. very good pills. they helped me regenerate my joints after a lot of physical effort. the doctor recommended these pills to supplement the shortages in my body

  7. It’s hard for me to say whether it’s through these pills or through vacation, but I have to say that it coincides with Flenisan. I went to Masuria and the day before I started my pill cycle. after arrival (I was there for 2 weeks), the spine aches did not reappear anymore. maybe some traces of them in the beginning but also with much less severity than usual. that’s why I’m happy and will probably order another package

  8. I’ve been taking Flenisan for a month and I feel sensational. Although I’m only 39, I already have a huge problem with spine degeneration. thanks to these tablets I can work normally. for me it is very important that they are not painkillers, they are designed to cure the cause of pain and that they do not damage the liver

  9. it helps a lot, again it turns out that the natural preparations are the best. With prolonged use, you can see a lot of effects. It reduces pain and stiffness. Unfortunately, from what I know, you can not get it in any stationary store

  10. First of all, training, then some more training and medical checks too. If your joints ache, you probably will not cure them anymore, but you can do something to stop it. I, for example, purchased such a supplement to support the joints plus optima – I changed my diet for a healthier one and started doing workouts that do not work the joints too much and it seems to me that knee pain is less than before. It’s worth trying, just doing anything changes a lot.

  11. My rehabilitation worked. The pain intensified and I could no longer function normally, so finally I went to a rehabilitationist. I was looking for a good rehabilitant, but it was different.

  12. It is worth pointing out that in addition to rehabilitation, supplements the body necessary for regeneration the body need to be toppedup. I use Flenisan, it helped me get rid of my knee pain while running. It’s the best of the supplements I’ve come across.

  13. First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of what is hurting in our joints. It can be a disease but it can be overloading as well. People who do too much sports are often fighting with joint pain. And this is normal.

  14. Regarding joint pain, I invite you to read the information about Flenisan. It is a preparation that is only recently available in Europe, but in the United States it has a well-established position. I think that the information found on this page will help you get a good idea of what to choose when choosing the best preparation for you.

  15. There are many ways to cure joint disease. Currently, medicine is putting more weight natural methods, as evidenced by frequent use of various herbs, specificity on natural components.

  16. It is definitely worth visiting a good neurologist. In the case of such pains, it really is not a joke. You need to be examined well so that doctors make a good diagnosis and you can start treatment.

  17. Good morning, my name is Alexander and my wife has recently been diagnosed with joint pain but she has been suffering from headaches and many other ailments for over a dozen years. I managed to help her thanks to Flenisan. I recommend it fully, it brought my wife back to life, they are the only capsules of their kind in Europe and maybe in the world!

  18. there are painful joints in the lower part of my body, especially the large toe on one leg and a knee on the other leg. I take drugs and my acid level is as if I’m normal, but I still have such painful attacks.

  19. For two weeks I have been in pain concentrated in my hip … Especially when it is very busy at work, because I am a hostess and I have to stand in an upright position a few hours of good. I’m afraid it could lead to joint degeneration …

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