Forskolin – spectacular pills of Indian coleus

After an unexpected discovery of healthy dieting properties of Forskolin (Indian coleus) it has gained a massive popularity over a short period of time. Currently more and more people pay attention to natural ingredients and safety of use. In order to meet these demands many producers have started using Indian coleus extract in their innovative dieting solutions. As with all “spectacular” discoveries, these pills have both its proponents as well as opponents, which are often ignorant of this matter. For those of you, who remain undecided, this article should explain and clarify the idea of using the pills with Indian coleus extract – Forskolin.

How the Forskolin (Indian coleus) works

Many people associate this plant with a Polish common nettle. Quite accurately so, because both of them are similar in looks but rather different in properties. The Indian variant can be found in a tropical part of South Asia. Forskolin is also known as: Coleus Forskohlii, forskohlii and Indian coleus (common). This species of coleus has been used in medicine for hundreds of years. The old Hindu have been using it to treat heart disease, convulsions, spasmodic pain, painful urination and dilatation of respiratory system. The forskolin also seem to be effective in curing problems with sleep. At the beginning of the 80’s the Indian coleus has reached Europe, where it has gone through an extensive research in order to determine its properties and possible area of use. After verifying a few examples it has been discovered it’s got dieting properties. As it turned out, the Coleus Forskohlii has proven not to be harmful in any way during testing in other medicinal applications. Therefore it has been decided to extend the research on dieting and soon specialist has started to develop effective, natural dieting formulas which are now globally popular.

Dieting Forskolin pills

The process of activating the adenylyl cyclase is a natural, hormonal body process which reduces needless body fat stores by turning them into energy. Forskolin pills with an extract of Indian coleus initiate and invigorate this process. The important function of this process is cAMP – transporting body fat to muscles, where it’s then being transformed into energy. The product of this transformation using forskolin’s molecule adenosine triphosphate is cAMP. It increases protein synthesis (fatless body mass is the only product) and effectively reduces body fat. The main purpose of the Forskolin suplement is to support the natural body processes, eliminating any possibility of side effects and interference. The body uses more fat stores, which delays the catabolism. The whole process of dieting using coleus extract runs smoother, faster and more effectively.

Dieting – losing weight with Forskolin (Indian coleus)

The easiest way of checking the brilliance of this solution is testing it. However for it to be scientifically proven, the test has to be performed in specified conditions on two groups of people: the ones who take the pill and the so called “placebo” group. In order to confirm the dieting properties of forskolin the scientists have organised groups of severely obese people. There were both men and women varying in age, of diversified life styles and minor or non-existent sport activity even on recreational level.

How was the test conducted?
Entirely random people have been split into two groups: one group was treated with an extract of Indian coleus (1/4 grams) and the other was the placebo group.

What has been observed?

After about two months of using the suplement (approx. two packets) the people who has been taking the pills with Indian coleus extract lost 8.2 to 15.7 kg of weight. The people from the placebo group has only lost about 5.6 to 9.1 kg of weight. The experts who have conducted this experiment had proven that their hypothesis about accelerating the body fat reduction was right. The conclusions were clear-the Indian coleus has a major impact on dieting for both men and women.  All of the studies and analyses from the early 90’s to 2010 have been performed over 15,000 times before the Indian coleus products were sold on the global market. The main outcome of most of the studies was a major influence on transforming the ATP molecule into cAMP – 3′,5′-cyclic adenosine monophosphate. In order to understand the basic working principle of this nucleotide please read the following information:

  • Stimulates the HSL enzyme – hormone-sensitive lipase, which helps transforming body fat stores into energy
  • Raises the stabile level of thermogenesis (maintaining the body temperature), which raises the body temperature and thus allowing more calories to be burned
  • It is involved in synthesis of ATP molecules and actively supports cellular respiration
  • Prevents storing the adipose tissue by destroying its building material – lipolysis
  • Intensifies the production of thyroid gland hormones

Common opinions about the Forskolin pills

If you take into account the results of all the studies and analyses, you can safely say that forskolin (Indian coleus) is one of the few natural slimming products. Suplements with a natural plant extract (e.g. Forskolin) are reliable, thoroughly tested and effective. Recommended for people struggling with severe obesity and people with vulnerability to active ingredients of various slimming suplements. For people with long term obesity problems the Forskolin helps to regain the correct level of cAMP, which will effectively restore the natural process of body fat reduction.

While raising the awarness the products you’re interested in, you can choose the required suplements specifically to suit your needs. The reassuring opinions of specialists and experts in dieting confirm the effectiveness of substances such as forskolin. Products containing the extract of Indian coleus (e.g. Forskolin) are undoubtedly trustworthy. The safety of use, non-existent side effects and satisfactory results of natural slimming make the Forskolin popular with both men and women.


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