Hallu Forte — an efficient anti-bunion pad

Degenerative changes of the front part of the foot (toe area) are colloquially called a “bunion”. It is a deformation which causes the toes to bend in the direction of the little toe. The tendency to develop bunions is hereditary, yet healthy lifestyle combined with systematic check-ups has proven to be a way to stop the degenerative changes from developing. The problems with “bunions” mainly concern women. It is caused by wearing heeled shoes. Unnatural angle of the foot causes the bone construction to tire and, as a result, the foot automatically realigns to the “rest” position. In that state it takes only a couple of hours for the first signs of degeneration to occur.

The causes of bunions — preventive practices, symptoms

The transverse arch of the foot is responsible for the correct position of toes and, as such, is the major cause of most degenerative changes. It is prone to strains, especially for women wearing high heels. As a reaction our body starts feeling pain. It shows that it is high time to take the heeled shoes off. If the movement is continues, the foot is misaligned which leads to its deformation and causes the development of fallen arches. The whole bodyweight is being transferred to an incorrectly positioned front part of the foot, which is far less resilient to pressure than the rear side of the foot (the heel). Instead of keeping the balance on the big toe, our body transfers the weight to other toes. As a reason, the outward pressure further contributes to the degenerative processes of toes and the transverse arch. The incorrect weight distribution causes the muscle responsible for the foot’s position to weaken and the pressure is transferred to joints and bones.

“Hallu Forte improves the condition of the foot by strengthening the ankle”

It is the worst case scenario, as joints in a body part as small as a foot are not adapted to withstand the pressure of a whole bodyweight. The process causes unaesthetic degenerative changes called “bunions”. Even neglecting the early stage of the process or a failure to observe the deformation results in a significantly lowered chance of restoring the foot to its initial condition. In most cases a professional medical care is required together with rehabilitation and specific exercises. A big deformation can be a major hindrance in everyday life — even regular shoes can scrape the swollen “bump” and the bones of metatarsus. In the deformation’s location a fluid is collected in a form of a synovial bursa which, if systematically damaged, causes an inflammation. Next it causes the oedema of epidermis and results in swelling of a foot. It can lead to sprains and fractures of the metatarsophalangeal joint.

Helpful pads: Hallu Forte — an anti-bunion solution

After spotting first signs of degenerative changes of a foot it is important to act quickly. Regrettably, the common knowledge on causes, preventive practices and treatment of bunions is fractional. In many instances it leads to an incorrect decision that involves only surgical treatment of a bunion. Hallu Forte helps solve the causes of bunions and misaligned fingers. It is a simple, easy to use product. The goal of this product is to restore optimal dexterity and ensure the proper position of a foot. Hallu Forte pad is an excellent substitute to costly and invasive medical treatments which were, until recently, very popular. What can I expect while using Halle Forte? It causes the realignment of the toe to its proper position. By increasing the blood flow through a foot it helps to prevent fallen arches at the same time restoring your feet’ aesthetic look. Hallu Forte reduced the pain and discomfort. The possibility of inflammation is greatly reduces and the pressure applied to the foot is distributed in a correct manner.

How does the Hallu Forte work?

What can we expect after putting the pad on our foot? It has been proved that Hallu Forte influences 3 major aspects strictly tied to the misalignment of fingers. First of all, it directly stabilizes the metatarsophalangeal joint. This process stabilizes the foot and prevents further deformation. By reducing the possibility of inflammation it helps to reduce the pain caused by degenerative changes of the front part of the foot. Better blood flow contributes to the quick healing of oedemas and swellings which greatly improves the comfort of walking. Hallu Forte improves the condition of the foot by strengthening the ankle. Its protective properties help to prevent further degenerative changes of the foot. Hallu Furte is an intuitive, easy to use product. Its effectiveness rises in the course of systematic use. The universal aspect of the product is what makes it so popular. Hallu Forte can be worn on any sizes or types of feet. It is recommended to wear the pad overnight. Still, it can be used in the daytime with no problem at all. At first a small discomfort can be felt — it only confirms that the product functions properly. Hallu Forte. It is not a considerable discomfort or a significant pain.

How to use the Hallu Forte pad?

  1. The stripe on the correction pad has to indicate “0”.
  2. Carefully apply the pad, so that the soft cushion covers the bunion. Make sure that the front part of the pad is located on the inner side of the big toes.
  3. Now wrap the stripe around the outer edge of the foot. After that you should cover the upper part of the pad and connect the stripe to the correction pad.
  4. It is important not to leave any free space under the stripe. Make sure that you feel pressure on the big toe and the stripe remains elastic (and stationary).
  5. After every use you can readjust the stripe to increase the pressure on your big toe.

Is Hallu Forte pad a solution for everybody?

Hallu Forte is a simple and easy to use product which is highly popular among women in many European countries. General contraindications are: diabetes, circulatory system diseases. It can be only used by adults.

Hallu Forte pad efficiently nullifies pains caused by misalignment of fingers and excessive pressure applied to the foot. It corrects the unnatural angle of the big toe, improves blood flow through the foot and help relief symptoms of misaligned fingers. Being an universal product, Hallu Forte can be worn on any types and sizes of feet. It reduces the pain by reducing the possibility of inflammation, which could consequently lead to further degenerative changes of joints. Corrective pad Hallu Forte is a simple, universal, safe and affordable way of treating bunions.

Frequently asked questions concerning Hallu Forte.

  • Will I be able to apply it on my own? – Without a problem. Hallu Forte is extremely user friendly and can be applied virtually by everyone. Illustrated user guide depicts clearly the procedure of applying the pad of the deformed toe.
  • What is the reason behind the effectiveness of Hallu Forte? – This corrective pad was constructed with two things in mind: simplicity and safety. The foot is properly aligned thanks to the plastic with orthopaedic properties. Its shape helps to restore the natural position of the foot and, by doing so, improve the vitality of the joints.
  • Are there any medical references referring to Hallu Forte? – Podiatry and orthopaedics experts confirm that Hallu Forte is a reliable, certified solution. Hallu Forte corrective pads are a great substitute to invasive treatments of bunions such as surgeries.

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