Hear Clear Pro – Convenient hearing aid

Our sense of hearing receives thousands of sound severy day. We don’t really wonder how it works. What’s important for us is that we hear and identify the sound, distinguishing it from others. So maybe it is worth learning something more about the “mechanics” of hearing?

Our hearing organ begins on the outside, in the form of the auricle. Then, already inside, it turns into the ear canal and ends with the tympanic membrane. Each of these elements is essential for normal hearing.

The earlobe acts as an antenna, and collects sounds from our surroundings and passes it into the ear canal. From there, the eardrum collects sounds, and then using the ossicles, transmits sound even further, up to the cochlea. The cochlea contains auditory nerve endings – they send sounds on further up to the brain. Sound has to travel quite a long way before it reaches us. The individual elements of the organ of hearing are very sensitive, because the key is proper care for your hearing.

Ear hygiene

Wash ears with lukewarm water, gently rinsing them.

Important: do not use buds for this purpose! Their use may result in not only mechanical damage to sensitive components of hearing, but also lead to the accumulation of wax in the ear canal, because it is pushed deeper, which in turn can clog up the ear canal and require you to visit a specialist doctor.

Hearing safety

Your hearing may be damaged not only mechanically. Sensitive elements of the hearing organ are vulnerable to noise. So you can damage your hearing by listening to loud music, especially through headphones or working without proper protectors in noisy environments.

But what if hearing begins to fail? How to cope when you notice the first signs of hearing loss?

Convenient hearing aid – Hear Clear Pro

Hearing problems are not the domain of old age. Today, more and more hearing problems are diagnosed even in adolescents who know little about proper hearing hygiene. This results in young people representing the highest percentage of patients seeking help. People with hearing impairments complain primarily about chronic headaches and noises in the ears. But it is necessary to waste long hours in queues to a specialist? It turns out that it is not.

Hear Clear Pro- a discrete device to improve hearing

Hear Clear Pro is a device of highest class, and is very helpful in eliminating problems with hearing impairments. It is based on the latest technologies that are currently used in medicine, no wonder that it is so very effective.

Hear Clear Pro- how the modern hearing aid works

The simplest device description is that it is a piece of innovative technology enclosed in miniature form. The Hear Clear Pro device is in the form of a small hull and inside it there is a high sensitivity microphone, a microprocessor, sound amplifier and speaker that sends optimized sounds directly to the user’s ear. The speaker is located in a special appendix to an apparatus which adapts to the ear portion, in which the apparatus is placed. Such device alignment makes the transmission of sound occur without interference, and the sound enters the ear in pure form.

Hear Clear Pro is equipped with a volume knob for regulating the generated sound. In this way, each user can independently adjust the volume to their liking. So there is no fear that the device will generate a sound too loud or not loud enough.

The small dimensions of the device prevent it from being powered by a replaceable battery, it uses a special rechargeable battery instead. You can recharge it basically anywhere where there is access to electricity, you only need a USB cable. During charging, the ON / OFF switch should be in the OFF position. Each time charging time should be no longer than 8 hours, and the device informs it is fully charged with a green light.

Hear Clear Pro – why choose this device is?

  • You can hear sounds from a greater distance
    With age, hearing receives less sounds, especially those coming from further away. That’s why many sounds simply do not reach the brain, and you feel irritable and uncomfortable. The Hear Clear Pro device lets you hear up to 4 times better.
  • Eliminates noises
    The device eliminates noises that drown out the sounds heard you hear. In a few days sounds already acquire up to 80% transparency.

Hear Clear Pro- discreet hearing aid

What other advantages of this device are worth mentioning? Hear Clear Pro is small, which is appreciated by the users. At first glance you can not see that the person wears a hearing aid, which excludes unpleasant, awkward situations, because the device is completely hidden in the ear. Its neutral, flesh color enhances the effect further. The device is also very light which improves user comfort.

Reviews and research – Hear Clear Pro

Before the device was placed on the market, it had to pass a series of tests that relate to its efficiency. All hearing aids are subjected to a very thorough examination, which evaluates the usefulness of such a device, as well as its quality and its safety.

Hear Clear Pro tests were led by a specialist in otolaryngology, Dr. Hans Krause of Germany. A renowned specialist in hearing prosthetics conducted tests on a group of 100 volunteers with hearing problems from across Europe.

The device must also pass tests to prove the safety of the device. They were carried out by a team of experts under the leadership of Tom Vans, which in the past created diagnostic equipment. Positive test results meant that the device has received American FDA accreditation by the of which stringent requirements are known in the medical world.

Hear Clear Pro Review

If we take into account the results of scientific studies and the opinions of experts involved in the execution of testing this device, we must admit that Hear Clear Pro is currently the best choice for many people with hearing loss. Incredible efficiency and inconspicuous appearance, make it an investment in a better future.

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