HerbaSnorex – how to fight this dangerous ailment?

At first glance making sounds during sleep is not most problematic for the person snoring, but for their family. It is widely believed that snoring is the most embarrassing problem because – let’s face it – it is impossible to control. However, few people realize that snoring can lead to many diseases, and be a sign of serious respiratory problems – it should not be taken lightly.

Ailment of the 21st century

Studies clearly say: men snore more often than women. This usually applies to people over 50 years of age, but not only – young people and children also snore. The universality of this problem can be measured easily – all of us had contact with at least one person who snores. This scale is frightening. All the more when we realize that this may have implications for our health.

Scientifically speaking, snoring is the result of disturbances in the construction of the upper respiratory tract. The inhaled air is not flowing smoothly and silently, but it is unnaturally “sucked in”. These sounds interfere with sleep, both for the person snoring and their family. As a result, valuable resting time for recovery becomes a torture. And as you know sleep deficit reduces the efficiency of the body and is reflected in every sphere of human life.

These signs should not underestimated

When the body stops working properly, it begins to sending first warning signals. This also applies to the respiratory tract, which is a kind of indicator of the condition of the body. The first signs associated with snoring that should tip you off include morning headaches, prolonged daytime fatigue, trouble with concentrating. These symptoms are often underestimated. The experts dug deeper. Other issues which surface are: nodding off during daily activities, decreased libido and cardiovascular disorders.

5 herbs that fight snoring – HerbaSnorex recipe

People who do not want to risk their health, and want restful sleep, should know of a natural solution – herbs. Underestimated by many, they are an irreplaceable method to combat snoring, even for those at an advanced stage. Here are four herbs used for centuries to combat the problems associated with breathing.

Black Hollyhock – mucous compounds present in the flowers reduce inflammation of the respiratory system. It works by coating the throat and respiratory tract with a protective layer of mucous. As a result, it restores the correct flow of air and contributes to the gradual expansion of the trachea.

Marshmallow  – its root plays a key role in relieving respiratory ailments and promotes deep tissue regeneration in the larynx. Organic acids have this effect, as do flavonoids and essential oils, which have an additional feature of soothing inflammation and combating respiratory infections.

Coltsfoot  – contains medicinal substances such as gallic acid, tannins, inulin and choline. This combination reduces sleep apnea and reduces the risk of its occurrence, ensuring a constant and rhythmic flow of air to the lungs.

Sage – is a source of resin compounds, bitterness, organic acids, is rich in vitamins A, C and B complex vitamins. This gives sage a cleansing effect on the respiratory system, it helps to get rid of bacteria and germs, acts as a protective mucous membrane of the mouth and throat.

It turns out that these plant extracts can quickly eliminate snoring. Their strong and directed action goes to the root of the problem and allows you to fight sleep apnea, which is a very dangerous consequence of snoring. It can be a direct threat to life – it limits, and in many cases completely blocks the flow of oxygen into the body.

HerbaSnorex – an innovative product based on the power of herbs

A team of laryngologists and biologists put each of the herbs under a microscope, and the result was the formulation of a scientifically proven way to fix snoring. Its composition is made up of precise amounts of mallow, marshmallow, coltsfoot and sage. The secret of this solution is concentrated herbal extracts. What distinguishes the recipe HerbaSnorex traditional infusions that you can prepare at home? Compared with teas, HerbaSnorex contains an up to 300% stronger herbal essence. It’s all thanks to specialized methods of obtaining the extracts under laboratory conditions. Even with repeated brewing, getting such concentrations of herbs is not possible.

In addition, to boost and speed up the active substances, its creators put HerbaSnorex in a form that maximizes results, soothes and clears the respiratory tract, shortly after application. This is possible because the herbal composition is placed in a handy spray, it reaches the source of the problem a few seconds after spraying, providing immediate relief and a comfortable sleep.

Safe alternative to surgeries – HerbaSnorex

Why this solution is worth your attention? The majority of snorers sooner or later realize the importance of their problem. Waiting will only make it worse, because advanced stage snoring is loud and leads to anoxia, which can be fatal. Unfortunately, the most popular, though not the ultimate solution is invasive surgery. However, this is avoidable. Laryngologists recommend using the natural blend of herbs found in HerbaSnorex.

Effectiveness tests of the Herbasnorex treatment

Based on a series of surveys among professional groups that are the biggest group we can say that HerbaSnorex is currently the most reliable product on the market. Its effect have been tested among professional soldiers and lorry drivers. Both of these professions are very aggravating, primarily due to the irregularity of sleep. But that’s not all. The risk of snoring and apnea increases up to 80%  among soldiers and drivers!

Tests were performed in Basle, Switzerland, on a group of 230 men between 30 and 50 years old. To make the results as accurate as possible, they were observed during the daily working conditions. The study participants before the test complained of headaches, chronic lack of sleep, lack of concentration.

Here’s what changes have occurred during the 14 days of treatment:

  • sleep became calm and deep
  • sounds associated with snoring stopped
  • after waking the body was regenerated and refreshed
  • the risk of apnea and hypoxia disappeared

Measuring the frequency and intensity of snoring showed diminishing intensity with each passing day. Respondents mentioned that after using HerbaSnorex they got rid of fatigue and had more energy. Many of them did not feel this way in years.

Another factor, in addition to HerbaSnorex efficiency, was to verify safety. Both the driverd and the soldiers could not afford to have any side effects. And in this respect HerbaSnorex proved to be reliable.

The innovative application form and a series of studies clearly indicate that HerbaSnorex effectively combats snoring and protects the body from hypoxia. To date, it has already won recognition in the Laryngological environment, as a means for a natural, yet extremely effective therapy. It is also enjoying growing popularity among snorers and their loved ones who unanimously recognized HerbaSnorex as the best method to combat this troublesome ailment.

FAQ, or 3 frequently asked questions about HerbaSnorex:

  1. How does Herb Snorex work?
    HerbaSnorex is an innovative formula which uses the power of herbs: black mallow, marshmallow, coltsfoot and sage. They contain highly concentrated substances which have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system: the larynx is clear and the smooth flow of air and purifies the throat. In this way the body is fully oxygenated, as the unpleasant sound of snoring does not appear during sleep anymore.
  2. How to use HerbaSnorex?
    Before using the spray, shake several times. Apply formula under the tongue and the pharyngeal wall, pressing the applicator three times (i.e., 1.6 ml). HerbaSnorex can be used any time of day or night, but not more than 3 times a day.
  3. What can I do to strengthen the effect of HerbaSnorex?
    It is important to take care of a healthy balanced diet, adequate relaxation and enough sleep (at least 6 hours per day). The environment is extremely important, so before going to bed ventilate the room well and choose the right pillow, making sure that it is not too large (positioning of the head angle can disrupt breathing).

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