inTENS Relief a portable electro massager for overtired muscles

How often do you ask yourself a question about the source of pain? Probably only when it becomes unbearable, interferes with daily duties, or with work. While there are many forms of temporary pain management, most of them are temporary effects leading to serious health injuries as a consequence. Prophylaxis, as in any other case, turns out to be an invaluable form of care for your own health. Are you wondering what is proper health? A healthy one is a person who does not complain about chronic pains, and his or her current state of physical activity allows to perform any activity.

Intense Relief – because this is what we want to focus your attention on is a modern and ideal way of body, health, and mind care. Stimulation of your skin and ultimately the right muscles and joints is the first step towards eliminating the actual pain associated with them.

What is this product? How will it solve my problems with fatigue and pain…?

The 9-stage, automatic inTENS Relief electro massager is much more than just a massage. The penetration of the stimulus is done by closing the electrical circuit after contact with the human body. Among dozens of other devices of this type, it is distinguished by its electrostimulation. As in the case of other problems with heart, such stimulation is responsible for the proper functioning of the muscular system. It supports regeneration, helps in the correct transmission of stimuli to the brain and breaks down the so-called “blind spots”. This allows you to set the power of electrostimulation and its intensity with one device. This could be compared to a nearly hour-long massage, by a qualified person and a dry needling. But here you have everything in one place, at hand!

Read carefully: What is acupressure(?)
A leading method of alternative medicine healing. Acupressure has its origins recorded in prehistory. Known for over seven thousand years, it is constantly practiced in China. Acupressure involves releasing the sources of pain, so-called trigger points. Effective acupressure is the continuous stroking, kneading/pressing, pushing, and shaking of special places on the body. Acupressure is completely non-invasive, hereinafter referred to as a lighter version of acupuncture gives measurable health benefits. More and more often, its classic form is replaced by specialized electromassage stimulation devices.

inTense Relief stands out for its quality of workmanship and nearly 97% pain relief effectiveness

  • The inTENS Relief massager emits gentle, tiny, and short electric pulses that perfectly massage sore, overtired, and unnaturally tense muscles.
  • The product allows you to work at up to 9 different performance levels. The frequency range is 1-300Hz, so you can adjust the active treatment accordingly to your needs.
  • As you have already read above, this is the best possible prevention of your ailments. After just a few days of use you will stop taking painkillers and you will notice the money saved from visits to massage parlors.

Effects of inTENS Relief

You expect clear demands from top-notch products. InTENS Relief is such an electro massager for your pains, both musculoskeletal and nerve disorders. After systematic use of the massager, after only two days you will feel the improvement associated with such ailments as:

  • lower back pain
  • arthritis and rheumatic pains
  • persistent pains, knee, and Achilles’ tendon pressure
  • joint degeneration and the destructive effect of stretched facias or muscles
  • chronic back pain
  • osteoporosis
  • chronic muscle fatigue in the arms, hands, thighs, and calves associated with poor regeneration

Innovative device – inTENS Relief

An important principle – innovation and not invasion. This is the statement on which the operation and safety of inTENS Relief is based. Although the product is intended for people over 18 years of age, this is only for legal reasons. In order to be aware of the effectiveness of the daily treatment with this product, it is worthwhile to become familiar with its contents.

  • electric massager (inTENS Relief), handy, discreet, made of ABS plastic
  • two practical caps, differing in their protrusion. They are spotted, flat and smooth for pain on a wide plane, such as back pain.
  • The gel pack, which is necessary for the use of the electromassage. “Contact Gel inTENS Relief 50ml” is enough for daily use for the next two months.
  • An information leaflet containing all the necessary information about the use of the massager.
  • Compendium of knowledge of electrostimulation and acupressure. Thanks to this you will learn the secrets of effective usage of this method.
  • Batteries included in the set. You can use the desired device immediately after receiving the package!

inTens Relief – the first step towards combating the global problem of chronic pain

As it turned out, the product is based on findings of many specialists over nearly 7 years. The pioneer and originator of the device available to everyone was Mitsukuni Wang, an Indian scientist associated with acupressure and modern magnetic technology from the beginning of his scientific career.

“Since I started to have rheumatic pains myself, I started going for treatments and expensive plasma injections. I also regularly received calf blood doses with calf dialysis. All this sounded good, but I noticed that apart from additional support for regeneration, my body reacts best to electrostimulation. For many years, despite my determination, I had no experience in my clinic, nor did I conduct research on its impact on the human body. I had to experiment on my own skin. First, through large electrostimulations of the entire length of the muscle, then its point results. I have described everything meticulously in a mini compendium of knowledge attached to my own project, crowned with the final product inTENS Relief.

Safety of inTENS Relief use

Maintenance of the device does not require much time or money. In addition, the elegant cardboard box and cardboard packaging will protect the product from soaking or mechanical damage. The whole thing, all the elements are small and handy enough, so no one will even pay more attention to what you carry in your pocket.

Each time you finish using the massager, wash its surface which was in contact with your skin with a damp cloth. Also, try not to touch the skin contact surface with your hands. Hands always have traces of elements or dirt, which can disturb the transmission of electro stimuli.

Before using the device for the first time – test its operation on the top of your hand.

inTENS Relief Where to buy? What is the price of the massager?

The specific year 2020 brought many legal regulations across Europe. Making a new product in the market category health&europe require time-consuming paperwork. Unfortunately, the device is not yet available in Poland. If only such a possibility appears, then surely the editors of will update this entry. At the moment, the official distribution takes place only in two European countries. Namely Italy and Hungary.


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