Intensan – bring back the joy of sex

Intercourse is an integral part of any relationship. Not only does it create a bond between man and woman, but above all it is a source of fulfillment. It is known, however, that the sexual act is only one form of expressing feelings. One can not deny, that regardless of the needs and circumstances of the partner, the most important part is … the efficiency and impressive capabilities of the other partner. But what if the problems with potency are becoming so serious that they make any sexual activity impossible?

The man not only needs, but wants to dominate. He wants to be admired by his partner in intimate situations, wants to meet her expectations and be a source of pleasure for her. Only then will he feel one hundred percent male. But when suddenly the possibilities are very limited, and the sex more rare, he loses confidence very quickly. In the worst cases it ends in complete impotence. What can one do to effectively restore a strong erection and regain the joy of sex?

To combat this troubling disease and dramatically improve the quality of sexual life of thousands of men, scientists developed a breakthrough formula. Intensan – under this name stands the currently most effective solution for improving libido. It successfully replaces the embarrassing doctor visits and long, often ineffective and intrusive treatments. It turns out that with a Intensan capsule one can easily eliminate the effect of erectile dysfunction. What kind of problems does address?

Archenemies of masculinity

Difficulty in achieving an erection may be the result of a variety of ailments. Not without reason the sexual performance is heavily influenced by lifestyle. Many men neglect the very important issues, such as adequate sleep, but also a time to relax and to supplement the diet with nutrients. Men are often convinced that their body is so strong and resilient that this embarrassing affliction will never happen to them. Instead of concern about their health they are filled with constant urgency, work after hours, accumulation of responsibilities, and – increasingly – stress. All this has a quite devastating impact on the entire body, including the efficiency of the reproductive system.

However, the list is longer. Smoking harms not only the lungs and reduces sperm quality but also drastically reduces the flow of blood to the penis. No need to explain what this means, right? This is why smokers are more often faced with a decrease in libido, as well as “party animals” who adore meetings with alcohol and all-night escapades. Add to this a lack of exercise, and you can be almost sure that sooner or later the bedroom will cease to be a place of intoxicating and unforgettable sex.

What about well-being? Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, distraction, and finally – frustration. Research shows clearly that every fourth man at the age of 40 suffers from erectile dysfunction of various degrees. Only 16% of them talking about it openly with her partner, which further aggravates the problem and distances them from each other.

Intensan – Recover high libido

Men usually ignore their decline in libido, looking for more and more excuses, which would explain their worsening condition. “It’s only temporary, I’m tired” – those are the most common excuses. And then comes the harsh reality check. Doubts, questions and terror. “Never again…?” Few men can face the truth and admit that they have a serious problem, which can not be resolved alone – despite the best intentions. Just after it was created, Intensan will restore intense erections so successfully that the effects exceed all expectations, not only for you but also your partner.

When even the sight of a woman in lacy, skimpy and sexy lingerie is not able to induce powerful erections and intense and courageous foreplay fails, it is a sign that your body need outside help. Even the best diet and vitamins are not able to deliver the components.

Intensan comes to aid. It does not contain the typical popular nutrients, but strictly tested and selected ingredients of natural origin. They were selected during specific tests on the effectiveness. By trial and error, they designated the unique formula of Intensan capsules. Its performance is second to none: goes to the root of the problem and work with redoubled force. The erection problems will once and for all become just a distant memory.

Intensan capsule Ingredients that will change your sex life:

Tribulus – makes the body secrete an increased amount of testosterone in a short time, strengthens immunity and regenerates the body.

L-Arginine – it aids the production of nitric oxide – it enhances stimuli transmitted to the brain, and sexual experiences becomes much more intense.

Extract of maca – increases blood circulation and accelerates the transport of blood to the penis. As a result, an erection is virtually instant and long-lasting.

Experts agree that the combination of these substances has above average effects and has a blessing effect on the male body, which needs strong yet 100% safe ingredients. Intensan – an innovative solution, the result of the work of specialists in the field of urology. Intensan effectively restores sexual function after 7 days of use, making sure that a strong erection will be achieved by anyone, even during unplanned intercourse.

Independent research at Ohio University confirms that 96% of men treated with substances in the Intensan solution experienced strong and durable erections within 7 days . Many of them, despite the fact that they withdrew from the intimate life, after taking the capsules Intensan were able to bring their partner to orgasm more frequently than before. Some of them said they had long-lsating erections and readiness for sex, even 2 times in a row.

Here is the opinion of Mr. Charles from Darlowo, 42 l .:

“I was lucky to have been chosen to test a new solution for potency. My marriage was on the verge of breaking up, my wife was convinced that I have someone. For more than a year we had not made love. When I failed the ump-teenth time, I gave up. I tried to forget what I was missing. At the beginning I tried different methods, but all felt terrible, not to mention the fact that none of them worked for more than 3 minutes. I learned about Intensan capsules. Without thinking, I volunteered and it was a hit. My life is back to normal, and the wife is over the moon. “

Intensan – the sex life of your dreams

The Intensan solution appeared on the market just a few months ago, and has already beaten records of popularity, not only in South America but also in the United States. It interestingly gained recognition not only among men over 50, but also among the 20, 25-year-old men. Such a broad interest in Intensan capsules is an excellent proof of its effectiveness in recovering strong erections and boosting libido in a surprisingly short time.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How is it used?
    The capsules should be taken twice a day, 1 capsule only. It is best to take them approximately 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, followed by a glass of water. Ingesting it in this way makes the active substances remain in the body, so there is no need to remember to take the capsules before you approach intercourse. Do not exceed a dose of 2 tablets per day.Undergoing this treatment for a period of at least several weeks guarantees getting the best results.
  2. Why choose Inensan?
    Intensan, as one of the few solutions for potency has been tested extensively and its effects are confirmed by specialized tests of efficacy and safety. Because it contains only natural ingredients, it is recommended for men of all ages. It does not cause adverse reactions, and its use does not require any changes in their daily habits or lifestyle.
  3. Can I buy Intensan in traditional stores?
    To reduce distribution costs and offer the most attractive price, the manufacturer decided to limit sales only to the Internet. This way you can be sure that the product you receive is 100% original, created with the highest quality ingredients and shipped directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. You can not buy it in drug stores or pharmacies. Because Intensan is a dietary supplement, the purchase does not require a prescription.up nie wymaga recepty.

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