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Knee pain is an increasingly common ailment that can affect anyone regardless of age and physical activity. Most often, however, knee pain affects athletes who overload their knee joints as well as the elderly or people who had serious injuries. Pain most often covers a specific area or spreads evenly throughout the knee. There is also the limitation of joint motion and swelling, which intensifies, especially after intensive exercise. Therefore, if each step is uncomfortable, this state of affairs cannot be ignored anymore.

Is there a way to fix this problem? There are a variety of ointments, gels or tablets available to reduce knee pain. Unfortunately most of them do not work at all or offer only temporary relief. Does this mean that people suffering from knee pain are sentenced to a life of pain? Definitely not, because a new product has been developed that works comprehensively for problems with knee joints. The innovative Knee Active Plus magnetic bandage reduces pain and swelling of the knee – just one hour after application. Is it really possible? To answer this question we will try to answer the following article.

How does the Knee Active Plus magnetic field work?

What is the unbelievable strength of the Knee Active Plus magnetic band? The effectiveness of the specially designed magnets has a beneficial effect on the condition of the knee joints. It’s an innovative solution that accurately removes the source of the pain and helps you get back to on your feet and physically active. All this thanks to the 500 – 900 Gauss magnetic polarizers built into the band.

The purpose of the Knee Active Plus magnetic band is to repair the disturbed electromagnetic field of the affected area. An additional factor influencing the effectiveness of this method is the effect of wave permeability, which makes it possible to reach every part of the tissue in the body. Magnetic field accelerates the blood circulation and causes growth of ions in cell membranes. As a result, an enzymatic reaction is triggered, which leads to the activation of various biochemical processes. The production of collagen and creatine is increased. This has a direct effect on regeneration, increased oxygenation and tissue nutrition, which then stimulates the reconstruction of the knee joint. In addition, the top-of-the-range magnets contained in the Knee Active Plus magnetic bands remove toxins, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. This affects the reversal and suppression of degenerative changes in the knee.

How does Knee Active Plus work?

The Knee Active Plus magnetic bands operate in three key phases:

  • Already after the first use, the unique solution supports the patella and stabilizes the knee tendon. It relieves sore joints and reduces the risk of further injuries.
  • Then the magnets placed in the band generate magnetic waves that produce a thermal effect in the tissues and stimulate the circulation by massage, which eliminates edema. Later the magnetic waves strengthen and regenerate the joints. This makes the knees more flexible and stable.
  • In the final phase, magnetic waves penetrate the skin tissues and lead to regeneration of the knee joint at the cellular level. As a result, the bioenergetic body system is regulated, and the weakened and diseased tissues are automatically regenerated.

Usually after 4 weeks 100% of the knee movement range is restored, which ensures correct bending and straightening. In addition, the production of synovial fluid increases by an average of 83% and the recovery of connective tissue is accelerated by 67% compared to non-treatment. The result is complete reconstruction of the knee joint.

How to use Knee Active Plus magnetic band?

The Knee Active Plus magnetic band is extremely easy to use and is not visible under clothing. You will be able to use it both during the day and at night. Therapeutic magnets are hidden in elastic material that easily adapts to any body shape without obstructing movement. The material is made of modern, breathable fibers that do not cause any abrasions or allergies of any kind. Unlike other measures, the use of the Knee Active Plus magnetic band is completely safe and does not cause any side effects.

Knee Active Plus – effectiveness confirmed by research

Knee Active Plus magnetic  has a constantly growing number of positive reviews on the internet. However, its efficacy was first and foremost verified by clinical trials at a specialized research center in Brussels. The band was tested on a group of 258 people aged 30-67 years with evidence of degeneration of the knee joint in different stages. In this study, volunteers were divided into two groups.

The first group used the Knee Active Plus magnetic band, the second used a normal knee brace. Both groups applied bands for 5 hours a day for 30 days. At the end of the study in the first group, as many as 94% of people reported a reduction of knee pain and stiffness. In the second group, no changes were observed. It is worth noting that the best results were found in the first group, who maintained constant and normal body weight during the course of treatment. However, this relationship has not been confirmed by additional studies.

This is the opinion of Lisa Morgan (65 years old), one of the people who participated in the study:

“I felt comfort and change immediately after the Knee Active Plus magnetic band was applied. Already after a few days the knee pain and swelling disappeared “

The innovative Knee Active Plus magnetic band is a true breakthrough in the fight against knee pain. The therapeutic effect of the magnetic field produced by specially designed magnets has been confirmed in the American Institute for Rheumatology. In addition, the Knee Active Plus magnetic band has a positive recommendation from the Institute of Physiotherapy in Sydney, one of the largest medical organizations in the world. Their opinion was based on a comprehensive, 2-year study that unambiguously stated that the Knee Active Plus magnetic band strengthens, relieves knee joints and prevents further injury.

Reviews of Knee Active Plus

The spectacular results of research on the Knee Active Plus magnetic band have become noticeable in the medical community. Many publications have published numerous publications describing the innovative way of treating knee osteoarthrosis with magnetic waves using Knee Active Plus. The reviews were so good that the quick-acting band earned the recognition of sports medicine specialists. In many cases, it has allowed athletes to return from full knee arthritis, even in 4 times shorter time compared to conventional methods.

Why does Knee Active Plus magnetic band deserve to be trusted?

When struggling with persistent knee pain, it is important to choose an effective method, which is supported by the results of numerous scientific studies. The obvious choice is the Knee Active Plus magnetic band, as it deserves the highest trust. What’s more, this product has been proven by thousands of people, including professional athletes whose knees have returned to full useability. Considering all these arguments, one can safely say that this Knee Active Plus magnetic band is now one of the best knee pain methods currently available on the market.

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