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How to master any language in a few weeks?
Learning a language can take many years, and grammar can be daunting even for the most determined of us, so it is very easy to give up. What if there was a way that allows fluent communication in one of the eight most popular languages in the world? And what if you acquire the necessary knowledge in only a few weeks?

Learning a language – what are the obstacles?

Anyone can see why you being able to use even one foreign language is a great advantage. Situations in which this ability is at a premium are common. Establishing contacts, dealing in the simplest of situations, finding a way, a promotion at work. This list is endless. Unfortunately, the education system leaves much to be desired, and only a few can afford private lessons, which – this needs to be made clear – each bring different effects. You can never be sure whether a private teacher is able to guarantee success. So what should you do?

Another obstacle is the psychological barrier in the formulation of statements in a foreign language. Vocabulary is one thing, and careful communication is another. Unfortunately, this lock is an equally big problem. A large percentage of people have the opinion that going abroad gives excellent results, but you must remember that it is beyond the reach of most people.

Each of us also has other capability for storing information that corresponds to different senses. However, as we know from experience, the classical form of education has never been adjusted to address this problem. Some remember the visual aspects, and pictures are much more memorable to them rather than hand written unknown words. Others rely more on auditory senses, for which the recordings and pronunciation play a key role in the learning process. On the other hand kinesthetic learners assimilate knowledge best through exercise and contact with the living language.

Languages guarantee of success

Everyone dreams of a “painless” learning method when each subsequent contact with the language will motivate us to remember more, and the words themselves will simply pop out of our lips like magic. People who are fluent in a foreign language are of the opinion that this ability gives great satisfaction, can overcome all cultural barriers and pave the way towards set objectives. Not without significance is the fact that people who know foreign languages are more successful and nothing is impossible for them.

Ling Fluent – a multimedia platform for learning

To meet those needs linguists and professional language teachers, who have been engaged in learning foreign languages, have come up with a solution. Thanks to their experience they managed to create a powerful, interactive learning system for the 8 most popular languages in the world. Ling Fluent – because the name given to this method – is based on a modern online platform, which allows for fast acquisition of knowledge, in any place and at any time. You only need a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access. Its operation is based on the so-called pulse method. What does it mean? On the basis of this solution the Ling Fluent system adjusts material to your level of knowledge and adjusts for time that you can devote to learning.

The effects of learning using this method surpass the expectations of even the most skeptical students who so far had only unpleasant memories of learning languages. Why are the results so good? Well, Ling Fluent enables efficient absorption of the material up to 5 times faster than traditional methods. Its authors compare the efficiency of the Ling Fluent platform to intensive learning, individual courses using the so-called active learning methods.

Ling Fluent – Knowledge that stays with you forever

The Ling Fluent learning method is tailored to the individual’s predisposition. As a result, the learner “absorbs” material, and a simple, intuitive platform makes learning a pleasure and motivation to acquire further skills. Moreover, through the use of interactive flashcards while learning from Ling Fluent only really necessary phrases and grammar rules are stored.

While learning new words in each lesson using the Ling Fluent system, it will repeat material you already went over. This is possible thanks to a special algorithm of repetition, which makes the learning system is adjusted individually for each person. This in turn guarantees the consolidation of vocabulary, without worrying that after a period of time will be forgotten. The innovative method allows Ling Fluent to be an intense learning experience, and the knowledge that you learn once stays with you forever and you never lose the achieved results.

Tests speak for themselves

It is worth mentioning that the developers of the Ling Fluent platform are called the pioneers of the modern language education with good reason. Before they made the system availble to all interested parties, they decided to test the effectiveness of Ling Fluent on the test group. Among those were representatives of different nationalities in various ages – so that you can check the assimilation of knowledge by all potential users. What were the results of the study with Ling Fluent? Each person used the Ling Fluent platform for 30 days, they have overcome the language barrier, enriched their vocabulary and could comment on any topic.

The choice is yours – Ling Fluent

Thanks to a modern, expanded Ling Fluent platform you can choose access to the 8 language mentioned, ie .: English, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish and Dutch. But that’s not all. The creators of this method ensure that after a month of intensive training with the Ling Fluent method you will notice a number of specific benefits. The most important of these include:

  • storing up to 200 new words every day, or at least 6 000 new words after 30 days of learning
  • free communication in the language
  • cross-cutting knowledge of the 15 thematic categories – and the defendant to speak on any topic
  • 5-times faster memorizing information
  • watching foreign films and reading books

Learning while using interactive flashcards on the Ling Fluent platform is recommended by polyglots, because while learning languages it is only the student who sets their limit. The platform allows access to 8 languages, so everyone can learn more than one language. With this capability, and other unique advantages of the Ling Fluent method becomes surprisingly popular among people of all ages. This innovative use of new technologies has been developed based on the individual needs of learners. That’s all makes Ling Fluent the most advanced method for fast and efficient use of your chosen foreign language to date, with results after 30 days of learning.

Ling Fluent platform for learning languages – frequently asked questions:

How to start learning with the Fluent Ling method?
Gaining access to the platform is possible via the Internet. This is the easiest and most convenient way. Simply fill out the short form and choose the language you want to learn. Once you have access, please log in. The program includes detailed instructions on how to navigate the platform.

How to use the platform?
The composition of each Ling Fluent course enters 1500 card with the words called flashcards. They were organized into 15 useful categories. In each of them can be found up to 100 words and phrases about the topic with regard to the situation and context in which it can be used. And by using a professional reader, you can listen to and repeat the phrase, practicing with the correct intonation and pronunciation. The Ling Fluent platform includes many packages, ordered based on levels, you can be sure that you plan the next stage of learning without fear of regressing in your learning.


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Effective teaching

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Adjusted difficulty level

An innovative method of interactive cards

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Excellent when in need of rapid language learning

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