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Every woman pays close attention to her appearance. An important factor of female beauty is the face and its details. One of them are eyelashes, the primary function of which is protection of the eye. They are a barrier from dust, dirt and all kinds of debris.

Eyelash problems – falling out

Losing eyelashes during beautician visits is a common problem. Most ladies do not even attempt finding the root of the problem. Prevention is the cure, and below are some of the most common reasons for eyelash loss:

  • thyroid disorders
  • cosmetics or perfume allergies
  • taking medicine, an example would me skin medicine
  • smoking tobacco
  • imbalanced diet
  • eye surgery

A source of frequent eyelash loss could be too frequent or improperly carried out eye beauty procedures. Both putting on makeup and removing it is important. People leading a night life often sleep in their makeup, and this can clog up the hair follicles, and also irritates the eye. Sleeping in makeup frequently has a negative impact on eyelash health. This leads to eyelash loss and deteriorates eyelash condition in general. Using too much makeup removal products will cause frequent eyelash problems as well, among others are breakages.

Eyelash loss is nothing pleasant. Neglecting them or a lazy approach to their care can cause many complications. Extensions in beauty salons or using too much mascara can cause eye irritation and eyelash frailty. Eyelashes need time to regenerate from time to time, and regeneration requires appropriate elements. Below you can find a product that counters eyelash loss and helps with returning them to a healthy state.

Eyelash growth – an effective serum

Make Lash is a modern product. It was created by specialists and has a unique formula with demanding women in mind. These days no woman forgets about makeup during her morning routine. To keep the eyelashes healthy, thick, and resistant to breaking and appear to have large volume, one must provide them with sufficient nutrients. Those are the so called precursors. Thanks to specialized research, the Make Lash serum has a proven effect on thin and naturally sparse eyelashes. Make Lash delivers quick and effective help to women who did not take regular care of putting on makeup and removing it from the eyelashes. The delicate formula allows instant serum absorption. The eyelashes become thicker and denser, and appear bigger after just 2 weeks of use.

What are the ingredients of the Make Lash formula?

D-Pantenol – also called the precursor of the B5 vitamin (provitamin B5), has properties that make it the most popular ingredient in cosmetics. After applying the serum, D-Pantenol penetrates the cell structure, turning into vitamin B5. It is a necessary vitamin (Pantothenic acid) for natural eyelash growth. Thanks to its microscopic build it is absorbed into the hair follicle itself, making the follicles more durable. The eyelashes become longer and thicker. The effect gives a feeling of denser eyelashes. Another positive effect of the product is the restoration of healthy eyelashes, which can then properly serve their purpose of protecting the eye from tiny debris and dust.

Biotynol Tripeptide-1 – a natural biopeptyde responsible for eyelash growth. It is the lack of this element that causes breakages, shortness and loss of eyelashes. It is the precursor to stimulate hair follicles. Those are the fundament of hair growth. Biotynol Tripeptide-1 works in conjunction with provitamin B5, and achieves tremendous effects. The hair growth phase is better, eyelash follicles are rooted more firmly, and the colour is richer and more pronounced. Natural extension and increased hair thickness give a look of denser eyelashes, just like expensive beautician treatments.

Who should use eyelash growth serum?

Because the ritual of applying makeup is a predominantly female thing, Make Lash is a predominantly female product. Every woman who is experiencing loss, breakage, shortness, bleaching or sparseness of eyelashes can use Make Lash. Natural, well balanced ingredients make this serum effective for all eyelash types. If you think you have naturally frail eyelashes, Make Lash is for you as well. Women who damaged their eyelashes out of lack of knowledge or laziness can use the serum with success, even if the damage was being done over an extended period of time. The serum does not collide with contact lenses, and does not irritate the skin. One must only remember to remove the lenses before application of the serum. Ladies who have undergone the devastating process of chemotherapy, or other treatments that impact the vitality of eyelashes negatively, can enjoy the effects of Make Lash as well. The serum starts working on the inside of the eyelashes from the first application. Proper application, nourishment and faster regeneration thanks to Make Lash lead to noticeable visual effects in around 14 days. It is the only eyelash serum that will restore the shine to your gaze for a long time.

Make Lash application process

Proper application of the Make Lash serum should start from a thorough makeup removal. The rest is common knowledge for women who used any eyelash cosmetics. Unscrew the tiny brush and carefully apply the right amount of serum on each eyelash. You only have to remember to do this once a day (preferably before going to sleep). As is the case with all substances, all cell regeneration runs faster and better during sleep. To feel the maximum effect of the Make Lash serum, you should use it for 3 months. Despite visible effects appearing much faster, the entire process of eyelash restoration takes about 90 days. To maintain good eyelash health, preventive use once every two weeks is recommended.

Caution: As with all cosmetics, if an allergic reaction shows up, cease serum use immediately. This is most likely hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients of the serum. Consult your specialist for a professional opinion.

Where to buy Make Lash serum?

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