Manuskin Active – manuka honey power in the fight against skin problems

Natural ingredients are often used to combat skin conditions with a wide variety of substrates. Recently, one of the unique substances has gained popularity, and its ability to regenerate acne-prone skin, Atopic dermatitis and other onerous changes far exceeds other known methods. Manuskin Active ointment, containing manuka honey, is considered to be a dermatological discovery of the 21st century. It is worth a closer look at, at its action and to know the invaluable nutritional properties of its substance.

Manuskin Active – when the skin cries for help

Nearly 80% of our society has been struggling or will soon suffer from various infections and skin damage. Many of them involve chronic cases, which can not be overcome by regular hydration and vitamin creams. Increasingly, dermatologists notice the appearance of the whole body condition in the skin’s appearance. All allergic reactions, defense mechanisms, changes in the functioning of the immune system appear in the appearance of the skin.

Exacerbation of various rashes and sores – so far, modern medicine has found adventitious – and quite effective – solution in the form of steroid ointment. However, a long list of side effects and risks associated with their use makes people suffering from skin lesions less and less likely to resort to this type of solution. This is because, accounting the undesirable symptoms of the so-called Steroid therapy – such as the hormonal regulation of the body.

Manuskin Active – painful and shameful symptoms

So far, people suffering from psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema have had to resort to specialized and very expensive ointments, whose only task was to quench the inflamed and flaky skin. In addition to the tremendous discomfort associated with these ailments, the day-to-day skin problems are much more irritating and troublesome.

First of all it causes itching lesions, which leads to scratching and wounds. And as the ointment soothes only for a moment, another wave of pain is coming, which in turn results in endless suffering. In the most difficult variations of these ailments changes appear on the face, neck and neckline. They cover hands and shoulders. The skin is red, covered with blisters and scabs. At times, its surface becomes whitish, which is a symptom of deep and often chronic and overdrying and dehydration of the epidermis.

Manuskin Active – main enemies of the skin: sun, bacteria and disturbance

Chronic skin marking makes it very difficult to do simple things. Exposing skin to sunlight is forbidden, because it can cause scaling of thin epidermis and deepening of lesions. The ladies, in order to cover the imperfections, reach for a powerful make-up, which actually only helps temporarily: it improves the appearance, but simultaneously clogs the pores, which promotes the development of already existing skin changes.

Unfortunately, a simple handshake can be a problem. On the one hand, this is due to the reluctance to associate with sick and altered skin, and on the other hand it is a source of concern so that the skin is protected against contact with bacteria. The role of microorganisms, dust, and other factors with which the skin is exposed during the day is also important.

Manuskin – honey manuka cure for sensitive skin

The scale of problems with the source of skin infections is so extensive that it was decided to meet the needs of people suffering from skin damage – ease their suffering so they can successfully get rid of the uneven spots and instead enjoy a smooth, soft and uniform skin all over. In order to achieve this, a method has been used that effectively displaces steroid ointment and steroid therapy. Its ingredient is nothing but honey.

Honey is usually associated with a sweet and healthy addition to meals, but it turns out that this is not the end of its uses. On the contrary. It can also be used directly on the skin. Manuka honey is used in healing wounds and restoring proper condition of irritated skin, atopic, marked by acne, eczema, psoriasis or other imperfections. What is the unique effect of manuka honey?

Manuskin – Manuka – exotic and precious gift of nature

For starters, let’s start by explaining where the honey comes from, why the mysterious name. So it turns out that it is collected only in Australia and New Zealand. This makes it considered as a product inaccessible and luxurious in our latitude. Usually its prices are very high, and this is due to its unique collection process.

Manuka honey is produced by pollinating a rare bush called manuka with bees, – honey is formed from its flowers, it has a darker color and is very thick. Interestingly, indigenous peoples already have put manuka honey on wounds, infections or bites. As a result, the skin regenerated even several times faster, and soon there was no trace after the damage to the skin.

Manuskin – its secret lies in methyloglyoxal

Based on these observations, it has been noted that the medical potential of manuka honey can be utilized on a larger scale. Shortly thereafter, creams with manuka honey were created. However, it should be noted that the cream distinguishes cosmetic and care, and ointments are much more concentrated and as a result, provide therapeutic effects. All indications are that the most valuable of this type of ointment mixed with original manuka honey becomes a preparation available under the name Manuskin Active. In terms of composition it is unmatched – it contains very high content of active substances, including methyloglyoxal – the key ingredient, which is responsible for such excellent effects and extremely effective properties of Manuskin Active ointment.

The ingredients that Manuskin Active ointment are:

  1. Methyloglyoxal – the ointment contains the highest possible content of this beneficial substance, because in Manuskin Active ointment we find as much as 500 mg per kilogram of honey. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-microbial activity. All of these elements that are a dangerous source for delicate skin are removed and the use of Manuskin Active restores its natural protective barrier.
  2. D-pathenol also called provitamin B5 is known for relieving irritation and promoting epidermal regeneration. It has been included in the Manuskin Active ointment due to its ideal penetrating properties, so it can precisely hydrate it from the inside. D-panthenol also plays a defense role, enhancing the effect of manuka honey.
  3. Marigold extract – acts as an anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic ingredient. Completely regenerates, elasticises the skin and gives noticeable softness. Leaves on the epidermis a delicate layer of film that has the effect of hydrofine, that is, prevents evaporation of water.

Manuskin Active thanks to the presence of original, full-value manuka honey contains in its composition a number of other ingredients like amino acids, B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium. The versatility of the Manuskin Active ointment, its natural composition and the fact that it is the first and only natural solution, makes more and more people suffering from skin damage turn to this solution. Manuskin Active with methyloglyoxal content +500 mg with its speed of effectiveness equals steroids – with the difference that it is completely natural and does not cause any undesirable effects

Manuskin Active can therefore be successfully used by people with:

  • – allergy
  • – irritations
  • – burns
  • – psoriasis
  • – Acne
  • – atopic dermatitis
  • – eczema

Manuskin Active is increasingly popular, both among the younger and those who are most affected by skin changes. Many dermatologists have already noticed the potential of Manuskin Active ointment and recommend it to those seeking the best skin regeneration method that will restore smooth and non-damaged skin.

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