Noprevidin – new ayurglasses

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: What is the product?

A compact and very lightweight device which uses non-invasive lens assistive technology. It stimulates the eyeball using daylight, changing it into therapeutic impulses that enable the processes of non-surgical lens assistance to begin, with accompanying processes of eye regeneration and strengthening.

As a result, the device helps to:

  • sharpen and improve vision
  • alleviate visual impairments
  • regenerate the eyeball and alleviate pain, burning and itching of the conjunctiva

The device looks like an eye mask; it is lightweight, comfortable and can be worn while carrying out everyday activities.

What/who is the target group?

Adults with vision problems.

What customer needs does the product satisfy?
Adults who are suffering from:

  • astigmatism
  • cataract
  • eye fatigue
  • far-sightedness
  • near-sightedness
  • strabismus

What makes this product different from other products on the market?

Non-invasive, natural and fully safe method which can helps to improve and sharpen vision.


The device is worn on the eyes like a blindfold with the user looking through specially profiled holes. This can be done while performing everyday activities such as reading, watching TV, working on the computer, or when out walking.

During the first use, the device can be worn for up to 15 minutes. Each day, this can be extended by 5 minutes. However, it should be remembered that the maximum time you can use the device is 2 hours. The device should be used every day for several weeks. Immediately after removing the device, the image seen becomes sharper and clearer.


  • Noprevidin should not be worn for longer than 2 hours a day. Do not use them when driving vehicles, crossing the street or railway tracks, or in any other situation which requires visual attention
  • The product is not a medical device.
  • The device is intended for adults and have been designed for visual therapy excercises.

Where I can buy Noprevidin? Amazon? Ebay? Pharmacy?

No, the best way to buy Noprevidin is official website:

Enlargement of non-standard products

Apart from the obvious route of enlargement with the number of products (for example, instead of one pair of glasses, the customer chooses two or three pairs…), the following methods are also available. The methods should be combined.

Method 1. Break the product down into its individual components and suggest components with higher perceived value to the customer.

  • Multiscreen technology – even more advanced, kept secret and patented, it helps to increase the precision of vision up to 89% and helps to accelerate the process of restoring sharp eyesight up to 7 times.
  • An innovative, bioactive material made using innovative BioTech technology: Incredibly durable and resistant to impact, dropping or scratches · With thermoplastic properties – under the influence of body temperature, the device can adapt to the shape of the head = it is then even more comfortable, and you don’t even feel like you’re wearing it · Even lighterD. Coated with special invisible coatings (hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic) – in this version, they enable the device to be self-cleaning, but they can also help to protect the eyes from dust and dirt (which reduces the redness of the eyes).

Method 2.

Basic version: The device can sharpen eyesight in 7 milliseconds (and naturally help to improve visual acuity – the longer we wear it, the better effect it has on our eyes).

Enhanced version: The better version not only helps to sharpen visual acuity but also helps to prevent the deterioration of the visual impairment – immediately after putting on the device. With this version, you just need to wear it every day for 2 weeks to help sharpen your vision and help you eliminate defects that prevent you from enjoying sharp eyesight.

Method 3.

Personalisation of the solution to the customer. Basic version: The device can sharpen eyesight in 7 milliseconds (and naturally help to improve visual acuity – the longer we wear it, the better effect it has on our eyes).


For the identified group of people who wear glasses (but don’t like them as wearing regular glasses gives them a headache and tires their eyes):

– after 3 weeks they may no longer need to wear glasses (you may notice an improvement in visual acuity by up to 94.7%)

– the product reduces unpleasant symptoms such as headache and sore eyes. While wearing the device, your eyes can rest and regenerate.

 Packaging method Noprevidin:

Case + cardboard packaging

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