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Are you having problems hearing clearly? Does hearing some tones seem more difficult or impossible? Do you have to turn up the TV all the way to 11? These are all symptoms of progressive hearing problems that Nutresin Herbapure Ear can remedy.

Nutresin Herbapure Ear is a natural oil that improves hearing acuity. It was created by a Polish doctor ,Renata Gawińska, thanks to many years of research. This carefully selected formula ensures improvement of hearing sharpness by up to 150%.

Causes of hearing loss and ear diseases

Inadequate hygiene, inflammation in childhood as well as weakened immunity may be the cause of worsening hearing. This is the result of the so-called total biology, a holistic approach to the phenomenon of diseases. According to this view, the first step in the treatment of hearing loss should be to ensure homeostasis inside the ear.

Even a seemingly healthy organ can be affected by a hidden infection. Ears are particularly vulnerable from the inside, microbes can get through the mouth or from the outside, through the ear canal. Therefore, ear infections are divided into internal ones (ie the inner, middle ear and mastoid process) and external (external ear inflammation, ear folliculitis). All these conditions can lead to worsening of hearing.

Experts recommend both prevention and hearing treatment with a substance that restores homeostasis, such as Nutresin Herbapure Ear. Nutresin Herbapure Ear has an anti-inflammatory effect, removing the cause of hearing disorders, and contributes to a complete recovery.

Composition of Nutresin Herbapure Ear

Nutresin Herbapure Ear consists only of natural substances with proven performance. Most of them have their well established place in folk and oriental medicine. Their combination provides anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and hearing strengthening properties.

  • sweet almond oil contains vitamins A, D3 and E. It nourishes the cells internally, provides moisture to the auditory canal, strengthens the resistance of the ear. The ear becomes less susceptible to infection and damage, and it recovers more quickly.
  • clove oil extract. It is a rich source of calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Boosts the treatment of mechanical injuries and hearing loss. Relieves swelling, inflammation. Clove extract is used as a poultice in Polish folk medicine.
  • Tiare, or Tahitian gardenia extract. Ionizing to the auditory canal, providing it with proper hydration. Restores the pH balance of the external ear.
  • Argan oil is improves circulation. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are a great building block for new cells.

Thanks to the oily structure of Nutresin, Herbapure Ear moisturises the ear perfectly, thus preventing drying and buildup of wax plugs. The effectiveness of such a solution is confirmed by clinical trials.

Nutresin Herbapure Ear – research

Over 400 people took part in clinical trials in Gdańsk. Women and men aged 18 to 89, who were hearing normally and those with auditory problems were examined. The most common problems associated with hearing included: hearing loss, recurrent inflammation, insensitivity to tones, tinnitus. Hearing disorders were both congenital and acquired.

The group was divided into three subgroups. The first one included hearing impaired people, who were treated daily with Nutresin Herbapure Ear for 4 weeks. The second group also included people with hearing problems, but they were given a neutral solution. The third group were people with no hearing problems but with recurrent inflammations or ear infections. They were also treated daily.

After one month of testing, the following results were obtained:

improvement of hearing quality / time 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Impaired hearing group (Nustresin Herbapure Ear) 23% 50% 66% 111%
impaired hearing group (placebo) 4% 6% 6% 5%
Normal hearing group (Nustresin Herbapure Ear) 2% 3% 6% 10%

The study clearly shows that the preparation has greatly contributed to the strengthening of hearing in the first group, i.e. the hearing impaired. At the same time, in the third group, where recurrent infections were a problem, a decrease in inflammation was observed. After collecting the swabs from the ear, it turned out that hygiene of the ear canal improved significantly: the laboratory reported the lack of colonies of malignant bacteria and fungi.

After the survey, 97% of the respondents declared that they would like to use Nutresin Herbapure Ear every day. 96% added that they will buy this preparation when it will be available on the Polish market. For comparison, 7% of respondents made a similar declaration in the placebo group (neutral solution).

Nutresin Herbapure Ear – how does it work?

Nutresin Herbapure Ear stimulates cells at the molecular level, providing better protection against disease agents. The ear becomes more resistant to both mechanical damage and infection damage to the ear canal.

Under normal conditions, the sound waves traverse the ear practically without interruption. If you additionally get inflamed, dry, or weakened immunity in the body, it may result in deterioration of your hearing. Nutresin Herbapure Ear provides a protective layer between the ear and the sound waves. This ensures both hearing loss prevention and the withdrawal of already existing defects.

In addition, the product provides homeostasis, which counteracts the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. In the case of swelling or infection, it reduces them both, it also makes the pain disappear. It removes the tendency for ear wax plugs from forming. Proper hydration prevents drying of the ear, creates a protective layer between the ear and microorganisms in the air.

Experts and patients recommend Nutresin Herbapure Ear

“This is a breakthrough in ENT,” says Dr. med. N. Renata Gawińska. “We are very thrilled about the results of our research and we intend to patent them not only in Poland, but also in the world. Above all, this preparation can make expensive ear surgeries and hearing aids no longer necessary. Certainly the results surprised us, we did not expect such a success. “

Dr Gawińska has 25 years of experience in the treatment of hearing loss and ear diseases. She believes that most of the ailments originate from childhood illnesses, poor ear hygiene and genetic conditions. With age, the likelihood of hearing disorders related to homeostasis disorder also increases.

“We are preparing an expansion of our formula’s availability from Poland and into neighboring countries,” assures dr. Gawińska. “We expect not only publicity, but also possible rewards related to the development of medical innovations. Certainly satisfied patients speak in our favor. “

This is true – the respondents confirm the effectiveness of Nutresin Herbapure Ear.

“This was the fourth hearing test I was in,” confides Mrs. Elżbieta Z. from Mazovia. “The other three only identified my defect – partial hearing loss. No one knew how to remedy it, nor offered treatment. I received a referral for surgery for 2028. It’s sick, what old people are forced to endure in this country.

I already had problems understanding what grandchildren are saying to me. I made first improvements after a week of using Nutresin Herbapure Ear, then still marked with the test code. I did not need to ask my family anymore to keep saying things louder and repeat them all the time. After four weeks I even forgot about having hearing problems. “

Nutresin Herbapure Ear deserves the trust of consumers

Nutresin Herbapure Ear is a revolutionary product, the effectiveness of which explains how quickly it became a hit throughout the European Union. The oil was introduced almost simultaneously to Poland and neighboring countries. To date, 200,000 bottles have been sold despite limited distribution.

As a natural product, Nutresin Herbapure Ear is sold in Poland without a prescription. It does not cause side effects, it is safe for use for children and the elderly.

Its special composition of many oils restores pH and ear homeostasis. It eliminates hearing loss, supports anti-inflammatory activity, inhibits infections and edema. Thanks to proper hydration of the ear, it provides a chemical balance between the hearing system and the environment.

Highly effective results are confirmed by extensive clinical trials of the preparation. Nutresin Herbapure Ear recommends world experts in the field of health and natural medicine.

Nutresin Herbapure Ear – FAQ

If Nutresin Herbapure Ear is so effective, why is it available without a prescription?
Whether a drug is prescription free or not is not correlated with its effectiveness. Prescriptions are issued for medicines that cause specific side effects, easy overdose or co-financed from the NFZ. Nutresin Herbapure Ear does not belong to any of the above groups. As a natural product, it was qualified by the Ministry of Health as a supplement. It is impossible to overdose it, it is also not toxic after ingestion. It is also not subsidized from the health fund.

Can Nutresin Herbapure Ear be used by children? What is the dose?
Herbapure can be used on children over 24 months of age. The dose is 2-3 drops for a child and 3-4 for an adult.

The dose can be variable and depends to a large extent on the characteristics of the ear canal. Signs of using too much include a generous discharge of the product from the ear canal. Too much Nutresin Herbapure Ear does not reduce its effectiveness in any way, but it can cause discomfort due to the feeling of overflow and the possibility of staining clothes with oil. In this case, take the swab, put it to your ear and tilt your head so that the excess liquid drips naturally.

Is Nutresin Herbapure Ear hypoallergenic?
Nutresin Herbapure Ear can cause allergies in people who are allergic to almonds, in particular almond oil. Symptoms of allergy include swelling, redness, swelling, in extreme cases – anaphylactic shock.

If you have any doubts about whether you are allergic to almonds, consult an allergist before use or spread a drop of oil on your skin the day before. Any negative reaction within 24 hours is a contraindication to taking Nutresin Herbapure Ear.

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