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Discover the rejuvenating power of Perle Bleue
With age, facial features begin to change, the skin loses elasticity and the signs of aging become more noticeable. In time, even the best make-up is not able to conceal these imperfections. The skin turns a grayish color, losing its healthy glow and it looks tired constantly. Pretty soon it will take up to 3 times more nutrients than before in order to maintain a constant level of moisturization and to effectively protect itself from the harmful effects of external factors like sunlight, toxins and free radicals – the biggest enemies of smooth skin.

In response to the problems caused by sensitive skin, a solution able to cope even with deep wrinkles was created. The moment the traditional creams fail and your skin still requires a strong injection of nutrients, Perle Bleue comes to aid – a new, exclusive cosmetic product, which guarantees a noticeable rejuvenating effect after 28 days of treatment.

Halt the biological clock of your skin

Perle Bleue was created to cater to the needs of women, who so far have not found an effective method to smooth out their face wrinkles, perk up the skin and remove the dark circles under their eyes. In a gist – it helps to get rid of all signs of aging, which take away the skin’s natural beauty. All these effects were previously only possible through invasive treatments such as aesthetic surgery. That, however, has changed because of the innovative formula of Perle Bleue.

Researchers from Switzerland laboratories studied the rejuvenating substances thoroughly . Interestingly, they found that the best results were achieved not with modern, synthetic ingredients, but natural plant extracts. Based on this discovery, they created Perle Bleue, the treatment of the XXI century.

Set a course for youth – the active ingredients in Perle Bleue

The effectiveness of the Perle Bleue formula is based on a perfect, precise combination of active substances:

  • The essence of snow algae was considered one of the greatest cosmetology discoveries of recent years. This Swiss miracle of nature grows on the slopes of the Alps, and when the spring flowers bloom, they color the snow a delicate shade of pink. It attracted the attention of scientists, who, after a series of tests, proved that the algae uses the snow to stop your biological clock. What does it mean for your skin? It turned out that it also has outstanding anti-wrinkle properties: it activates the so-called Klotho gene, which is responsible for the skin’s youthful appearance.
  • The Dermcom complex is another, equally valuable component of the Perle Bleue formula. It consists of two powerful substances: Acacia Senegal and gold crocus extract , which is another characteristic feature of the Alpine landscape. As a result, the Dermcom complex has beneficial effects for the skin. How does it work? It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – both collagen scaffold forming substances. Keeping them in good condition ensures skin elasticity and preservation of the face oval, counteracting the effects of gravity, which manifests in the form of flabby skin.

Skin rejuvenation during sleep

Ageing specialists put two valuable products Perle Bleue. The hard to get extract from snow algae was encapsulated in the form of a serum. The second cosmetic is an intensely nourishing night cream, which contains complex Dermcom, macadamia seed oil and black locust.

Why are drugstore cosmetics not able to match Perle Bleue? It is thanks to a customized 2-phase formula that works while you sleep. Perle Bleue creators developed a cure for the night, choosing the moment when cell regeneration is most intensive. But that is not the only distinguishable feature of the Perle Bleue treatment. It is an intelligent cosmetic, which recognizes the needs of the skin. It reaches places with visible signs of aging and works anywhere the skin has lost the capacity for self-renewal.

Perle Bleue is a personalized cosmetic, but what does it mean exactly?

It is up to you in what proportions and which areas of your face you decide to apply the treatment to. Depending on the condition of your skin, you can put a few drops of the serum for wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes. You might as well mix the contents of the ampoule with the creme – to intensify the effect of the formula, and accelerate the achievement of desired rejuvenating effects.

Perle Bleue makes you up to 15 years younger in 28 days

Swiss research laboratories speak for themselves: in tests on a group of 114 women aged 35-65, the effects of countering aging were visible to the naked eye. Volunteers applied the formula every day for 28 days before going to bed. They would apply the serum into the deepest wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet at the same time every evening. Then they connected the ampoule with the cream and the resulting mixture was applied to the face, neck and bust area.

Results after using Perle Bleu were impressive. The loss of wrinkles, substantial skin firmness, skin color recovery – all these effects become noticeable to the point that many of the participants described it simply: “I look 15 years younger”, “my skin is refreshed and radiant,” “my wrinkles disappeared, I finally like my appearance.” But that’s not all. The results reflected the volunteers’ reactions perfectly. Wrinkle loss in 28 days after treatment was 87%, forehead wrinkles become shallower by 81%, 72% decreased visibility of crow’s feet and skin elasticity was increased by 64%.

Traditional creams are simply not able to yield such effects. Why? The ingredients in popular cosmetics do not have such a high concentration of rejuvenating substances. At most, they contain hyaluronic acid, which increases hydration. However, even a well-moisturized skin, without additional components, connot fix wrinkles. It will take more powerful ingredients which will be able to reach the deep layers of the skin, activate the Klotho youth gene, and energize aging and lifeless cells and protect them from the effects of oxidization.

Dermatologists agree – Perle Bleue is a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation

Experts say that Perle Bleue is a  like no other cosmetic. Not only because of its unique and precious ingredients. Not because of the 2-phase, intelligent formula, but mainly due to its multi-faceted operation, which has been confirmed in both studies, and among the many women involved in testing.

An excellent proof of the strong rejuvenating effects of this formula are mainly smooth and wrinkle-free faces of women, who used Perle Bleue to regain their attractive appearance and who can once again take satisfaction by looking in the mirror.

Although Perle Bleue appeared on the market relatively recently, it is already breaking popularity records, mainly in Western Europe. Its scientifically proven efficiency and unprecedented application method won the trust of dermatologists, cosmetologists, and even the owners of beauty salons. All of them recognize that it is the right product for women of all ages who care about maintaining a youthful appearance, regardless of the current condition of the skin.

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