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The new product means a lot of new uncertainties. On our website we try to focus only on the description of selected products exclusively with ingredients of natural origin. The fact of clinically confirmed effects is important, as well as the number and type of side effects. The closer the slimming agent is to the environment, the less damage it causes to the human body. It has been known for some time now that supplements stuffed with prohormones of various kinds of suspicious brands of random company can end with negative effects after a few years from the moment of application. A huge market of pro-health substances in the form of supplements doesn’t encourage in-depth searches, many of them promise quick results, but this is not really the case. From among the selected novelties in the segment of dietetics and weight loss it is certainly impossible to omit hundreds of recommendations of Purosalin capsules. We decided to take a look at how this form of weight loss gained such a large audience.

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What are Purosalin capsules?

Purosalin is the introduction of an innovative technology for condensing ingredients into a default size slimming capsule. The main formula is based on just 3 substances known to all fat tamers, namely: Garcinia Cambogia, Chinese Lemon and Undaria pinnatifida. It would not be extraordinary if they didn’t constitute more than 60% of the total composition of the product.

Unlike competitive measures, the remaining 40% is the case. No filler was used in Purosalin. The remaining part is complemented by 4 substances strengthening the effect. The product seems to be what everyone knows, but thanks to modern production technology it gives much better results than its alternative equivalents in the form of powder, tablets or patches. The demonstrated activity of the agent is as many as 7 active combinations, so what effects can be expected from using Purosalin, in what ways does it help?

  • Cellulite, and old orange skin
  • overweight and obesity
  • the accumulation of toxins in the body
  • excess bad cholesterol in the body (LDL)
  • disorders of the digestive system
  • incorrect metabolism
  • assistance in inhibiting the absorption of sugar directly into the blood
  • accelerated aging of cells in the body caused by excessive stress

In addition, Purosalin has an III phase effect, which is very desirable for this type of product. You can read below how the different stages influence the quality of weight loss:

  1. Initial detoxification of the organism (Phase 1) – is a process by which the body derives everything possible from the antioxidant properties of active substances. The first week of Purosalin capsules’ action is called purification.
  2. Reduction of body fat (Phase 2) – which is to put it simply: slimming. Here weight loss is most noticeable. This stage begins about 5-7 days after the start of Purosalin application.
  3. Maintaining the target level (Phase 3) – it’s a stage of stabilization. Loss of kilograms will be less noticeable, but the quality of fat burned will be the highest. Thus, the body returns to its natural work rhythm.

Composition of the product

is as many as seven active substances. 3 main ones and 4 strengthening the effect ones. We have presented it in the appropriate hierarchy of action. (The exact description of the ingredients used is presented in the leaflet of the Purosalin product.)

  • Garcinia Cambogia in the form of an extract – the strongest extract from a rare variety of Garcinia. It perfectly starts the detoxification process and then is a precursor of strong weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia also supports the circulatory system.
  • Extract from roasted green coffee beans – currently the best source of chlorogenic acid. It perfectly limits the absorption of fats from food to the deep tissues of the body.
  • Chinese lemon (extract) – for thousands of years known as the great source of energy. It is produced from fat deposits and then distributed by means of the cAMP function.
  • Edible Polymnia – more commonly known as Yacon. Its discovered properties have made it one of the best alternatives to white sugar.
  • Vegetable Euterpa – significantly affects the absorption of the main chain of Purosalin capsules.
  • Undaria pinnatifida, White Mulberry, raspberry dry extract, Chromium and Iodine – are present as a supportive formula. Their main purpose is to support the processes initiated by the main ingredients. In addition, they improve well-being, perfectly improve the appearance and radiance of the skin, and their task is to continuously care for the digestive system. This neglected for months or even years could completely deregulate its most important task, i.e. absorption of nutrients.


Recommendations and comments of the most known specialists

Being at the symposium in Munich, I stayed at the annual health fair. At the beginning of the year, new technologies and new dietary products are tested and introduced to people in the industry. Most of them concern the topic of weight loss. That was the first time I heard about Purosalin. The presentation was clear, factual and, above all, convincing, the results of reliable clinical trials were presented to us. I got a few sample packages, which I used to work with my clients. All I can say for now is that this is the second time I have come back from Germany for another weight loss treatment for my clients. Purosalin is a breakthrough in the world of fat reduction. – Anna, a well-known dietician, said.


Customer reviews on Purosalin (translated from German)

“Visits to a school nutritionist were of no use to me. Subsequently, the paid commercial consultations didn’t bring the expected results either. The weight, even if it went down by a maximum of 1-2 kilograms, then came back with a doubled force. Additionally, restrictive diets were neither tasty nor effective. Then they persuaded me to use l-carnitine, which is really expensive to show any slimming effect. I came across Purosalin capsules by accident on the Internet. From now on, size 42 is a thing of the past, and I’m losing weight in a way that’s compatible with nature!” – This is the opinion Bogna 22, shared with other users

This is just one of many… the next… only fills us with more and more optimism.

“Chronic knee pain began with a thicker and thicker tire on my stomach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to change my job and the lifestyle I’ve been in for a few years as now it is my only way of making money. For some time, I started experimenting, first with tea and then I wanted to try something stronger. Purosalin turned out to be an excellent solution. Not only does my belly fat disappear, but I feel much better.” – Julian wrote at one of the biggest thematic forums

Purosalin – the effects of the application

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect, i.e. the effect of the product’s operation, is slimming. Forecasted reduction of fat tissue is presented in the table below:

(5-7 days) Phase I (5-7 days) Phase II (after circa. 28 days) Phase III
Weight loss -2,7kg -6,6kg -8,1kg

Purosalin price/where to buy? Pharmacy, forum, stationary?

Like many other elite products, Purosalin capsules are sold exclusively on the official website. This results in lower costs of maintaining the entire structure and thus a more affordable price for the customer. Unfortunately, Purosalin is not offered to our market in Poland as of today (28th November 2019). In order to be up to date, we encourage you to follow the recommended websites by the manufacturer. One of them is given at the end of this article.

Purosalin pocket

The official website of the European distributor is below: (The Polish language may indicate that there will soon be an opportunity to buy these capsules on the Polish market)


Our received recommendations indicate that the lowest price on the German market results from joining a discount club. It is also connected with opportunities and promotions, as well as priority of purchases of other innovative health products. Remember to read the privacy rules and regulations before buying.


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