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One of the most embarrassing ailments of the today’s world is urinary incontinence. World surveys of independent women’s health agencies show that no less than 90% of them after 41 years of age are at risk of this disorder. Being in the best years of a business career, it may turn out that this embarrassing problem will give them a lot of unpleasantness. A quick search for ad hoc solutions will not free you from the problem. Until now, virtually all alternative methods of fighting urinary incontinence have proved ineffective. The answer for 2019 is a measure called Sevinal Opti, which you can look at more closely based on the material collected. Check why it is worth choosing the Max Randall method, which is based on a bio stimulative treatment.

Ensuring a dignified, comfortable life is at your fingertips. It is enough to diagnose symptoms and choose the right degree of treatment to suit your needs. Recover full control of your bladder in just 3 days and force the body to fight automatically.

Bio stimulation is the solution to the problem

The biggest plus is the easy access to treatment. You don’t need any expensive appointments in the cabinets or prescriptions or even to leave your home. Bio stimulation is the first and currently only 100% way to get rid of the embarrassing problem of urinary incontinence. For both women and men. Why do you need to be bio stimulated during the Sevinal Opti treatment and why? As soon as possible return to the comfort zone. Already in the first three hours after starting the release of active ingredients, it removes the main causes of urinary incontinence: weakened uterine fundus muscles, abrupt contractions of the abdominal integument and the first degree of inflammation of the stomach area.

Sevinal Opti – what is it, for what and how it works

This is simply expressing the innovative form condensed in the form of capsules. Their bioenergy composition consists of extracts of only natural origin. Thanks to ecological acquisition sources, Sevinal Opti is perfectly soluble, which affects the almost complete assimilation of active ingredients of the product.

Who is Sevinal Opti for?

Sevinal Opti treatment is recommended for every person who suffers from bladder problems. The product is intended only for persons over 18 years of age. There is no upper limit that determines the use. It is worth noting that Sevinal Opti works not only on the advanced stage of urinary incontinence. The product shows intensive help also in case of:

  • sudden inability / pain during urination
  • urine leak during sneezing, yawning, sudden body twisting, coughing laughing or running
  • in men during perceptible prostatic hypertrophy
  • uncomfortable feeling of heavy pressure on the bladder both during the day and at night
  • excessive nocturnal motions resulting from the need to urinate
  • a long time spent in the toilet due to the inability to urinate freely

The unique composition and form of the product

Security and alliance with nature is the key idea behind the creation of Sevinal Opti. The method obtained over the years of research was to completely replace invasive operations, special, rigorous (most often ineffective) diets and sets of complex exercises that are impossible to do at home. The result of these actions was condensed in each subsequent capsule of the packaging. Getting rid of the problem of urinary incontinence in less than 4 weeks is due to a formula based on 5 ingredients. Here they are:

  • pumpkin extract – contains a lot of phytosterols. Phytosterols cause a maximally increased flow, thus reducing the volume of urine remaining in the bladder.
  • wild rose – excellent richness of vitamin C. Perfectly reduces inflammation of the urinary tract. Creates a protective barrier demonstrating antibacterial activity,
  • Peruvian pepper – used in continuation after urological procedures. It supports the functioning of the prostate.
  • Quilted palate – has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It improves the pressure of the immune system.
  • complex of B vitamins (B complex) – that is, popular B1, B2. B6, B12, which facilitate the transport of oxygen to the muscles circling the urinary tract. Vitamins from group B strengthen them, and disinfect, causing a return to the natural mechanisms of the body.

Application, full Sevinal Opti treatment

The full duration of natural treatment of the bladder lasts 62 days. This is the recommended time of supplementation of the product regardless of the severity of the discomfort. After this time, 100% of incontinence cases are neutralized.

The use of Sevinal Opti is primarily based on consistency. Apply 1 capsule a day about 30 minutes before your chosen meal. Try to keep the frame, fixed times of admission. Each swallowed capsule should be swallowed with 1 cup (200ml) of lukewarm water.

Doubling or multiplying the recommended daily intake (1 capsule) won’t bring faster results. Excess ingredients will be expelled during the next visit to the toilet. The effectiveness of the product is based on the gradual release of the active formula for 24 hours.

Sevinal Opti is not intended for pregnant or lactating women. In case of sensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients, seek medical advice.

The effects of the Sevinal Opti bio stimulation method

Regardless of age, urinary incontinence can surprise you at any time. The faster recognized symptoms of ailments, the faster the return to the balance of the body. Only a monthly treatment with capsules guarantees:

  • first effects seen in only 3 hours after taking the first capsule. Already at this point you will begin to have increased control over your bladder. You will be positively surprised by laughter, sneezing or a sudden twist.
  • after less than a week, the correct state of the uterine fundus will return, and all your daily activities will be automatically synchronized with your tense bladder. Full harmony will be restored. Absolutely without any effort the body will automatically protect you against uncontrolled urine leakage.
  • in the second week, up to 93% less frequent visits to the toilet
  • 3 weeks – reduction of bladder sensitivity and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles
  • After finishing the first package, the process of combating the ailments will be completed in 100%. Apply Sevinal Opti prophylactically to avoid unwanted yo-yo effect.

Sevinal Opti – opinions from the forum, pharmacies

Nothing affects the name of the product brand as well as its reliable recommendations. In this case, there is no place to buy health opinions colossus online. Most of the time, the reviews of people struggling with similar ailments, usually those like you, count. That is why the name Sevinal Opti has become synonymous with effective control of urinary incontinence in such a short time. As others describe the bio stimulation treatment, read carefully:

“The problems with leaking started quite quickly: I was only 21 years old when I started to notice a fairly large stains, for example on gray pants. In the beginning I neglected it and didn’t let myself think that I could have such problems !!! It’s been a year, then another … the problem grew and became more and more annoying. I noticed that during a stronger sneeze (I am allergic to dust) I happen to leak. Going to the doctor was like a sentence for me. I grew up without much courage and I heard that I will get a very painful procedure, which will not necessarily work, or taking pills for the rest of my life with a strict diet. I started to search on my own.  found Sevinal Opti. I don’t know how, but I feel the return of full control and the problem disappeared in 14 days! ” – forum opinion for young mothers

“I have overcome my embarrassing problem in just over 3 weeks, despite my age, I feel like a liberated woman, I didn’t think that a woman in her 40s can feel humiliated so much … As it turns out, the problem is not petty. I’ve talking about this subject for many years with friends. And it turned out that they have also been suffering from urinary incontinence for a long time, to some of them it manifested or manifests slightly, but why any of us must live in fear that the stain can appear in the intimate region. It’s nothing cool – constant control of the body’s mechanical dysfunctions. Especially for one of my close friends, who is a teacher! Fortunately, she was quickly persuaded for the rapid treatment of Sevinal Opti. Now, both with gentle laughter we remember our not so old problems. “- Agnieszka, 42

Where to buy Sevinal Opti? Why it is worth it?

Sevinal Opti capsules have recently been introduced to the market. Licensed pharmacies and stationary points of sale must receive a special brief on the recommendation of a high-quality product. Therefore, it’s hard to get it. On many internet forums, unique replacements are offered, unfortunately without any guarantee of effectiveness. For all readers of our service we have reached the only original Sevinal Opti source recommended by the icons of urology and gynecology in Europe. Through the link below you will receive a free shipment and a sale.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the product Sevinal Opti

I am a man; can I also use Sevinal Opti because of disturbing symptoms?
It also happens to men! It is not said that urinary incontinence is only the domain of older women. It’s one of the most frequent inquiries, which concerns up to 35% are men. They feel terrible frustration and embarrassment about this problem. This is no reason to be ashamed if you want to resolve your doubts and prevent this health dysfunction. Try the full course of treatment and then take Sevinal Opti prophylactically so that the yo-yo is no longer known from dieting. Be grateful for yourself for returning to normality and for restoring your masculine dignity.

What is my guarantee of the effectiveness of Sevinal Opti?
Three components influence the effectiveness of the product. The first is clinically proven quality. The second component is the positive results of laboratory tests on the control group vs. the placebo group, and the third opinion on the people using the placebo group. Sevinal Opti has a unique 100% quality confirmation for all of them. In addition, it is a one-of-a-kind product with a strictly developed recipe. This precise bio-stimulating formula in a permanent way improves the bladder muscle. By restoring the natural control of relaxation, it reduces the physiological causes of urinary incontinence to zero. This unique, close to the natural process has so far not been met in any of the products available on the market.

Why this method is better than others and I should trust it?
The problem of urinary incontinence has been an unresolved ailment for decades. Due to the shyness and hurting man’s pride aspect, it is very easy to fall for catchy advertising texts. Sevinal Opti is a completely different form of the product. There is no intrusive advertising or attacks by pseudo specialists attacking us to buy the product. The Sevinal Opti bio stimulative formula is a clinically proven and effective way to completely overcome the problem. It is a natural precursor to the strengthening of the urinary tract. The demonstrated effect of active ingredients occurs just 3 hours after the first dose, and long-term effectiveness is confirmed by the effects of customers from all over Europe.


The Sevinal Opti formula is based only on natural bio substrates. All contained active ingredients are certified with the highest quality of urological confirmation. Independent clinical tests have positively evaluated the stimulating Sevinal Opti process. This method can eliminate the problem of urinary incontinence completely regardless of sex, age, causes and the length of the symptoms.

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