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The reasons of swollen legs

There are many reasons of swollen legs, these include:

varicose veins of the lower limbs, thrombotic syndrome,  valvular insufficiency, pressures

Blood flows through the veins of the lower limbs, straight to the heart. Healthy and efficient valves make this flow on the continuous and unidirectional way

When the valves do not have the proper capacity, the blood starts to cuts back, the pressure within the venous system increases, venous outflow from the limb slows down. The venous hypertension and stasis in the microcirculation cause, that the capillaries become overly permeable what leads to edema, and legs begin to swell.

How the problem of swollen legs is manifesting?

First of all, we have the feeling that the legs are heavy, especially in the evenings, after all-day walking.

There are calf cramps (especially at night and after long time of sitting or standing), tingling, paresthesia, swelling in the legs (in the initial phase the swelling disappears after some rest) and skin trophic disorders (ulcers, discoloration or telangiectasia) .

Also, pregnancy can lead to the formation of leg edema.

The Japanese Ginkgo – help for swollen legs

The Ginkgo is known as the Japanese, although it actually comes from China. For centuries, it has been used by Chinese folk medicine. The Ginkgo, known also as ginkgo biloba, has a very effective defense mechanisms, which made this tree has survive 200 million years!

The effectiveness of the Ginkgo Biloba

The Japanese Ginkgo has proven brain vasodilator action, it improves the blood circulation and protects nerve tissue by preventing the degradation of the myelin sheath and neurolemmy. The Ginkgo has also unutterably high antioxidant activity, it fights free radicals, acts antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and antiexudative. The Ginkgo Japanese variety prevent swellings, not legs but also the brain. In addition it affects the bronchodilation, relieves the symptoms of asthma and increases diuresis. Improving the blood supply to the brain and lower limbs improves mental and physical performance of the body.

It makes the blood circulate easily, prevents the formation of embolism,  especially in the case of  embolis in the legs. Not without good reason the largest supplement producers use the modern formula with extracts of the Ginkgo Biloba. The products for swollen legs or recovery of the eyesight are current trend. Undoubtedly, the most popular supplement is Signilight Plus, which has already gained popularity in the Western markets.

Signilight PLUS the formula for the swollen legs

Signilight Plus is a way of effective prevention the swellings thanks to the salutary properties of Ginkgo Biloba. The supplement has been tested by the team of scientists, at also has the NCBI documentation. It becomes more and more popular on the Internet and throughout the world.

How do Signilight plus with Ginkgo Japanese works?

This preparation has a three-phase action. It can be used as well prophylactically, as to the remove already formed swellings and lymphatic edemas

  • SIGNILIGHT PLUS REDUCES UNWANTED ACCUMULATION OF TOXINS- if your body have accumulated toxins, you can not get rid of swellings, no matter of the body part it’s concerned. It happens because of the toxins blocking the blood flow, what finally leads to the formation of swellings. Signilight plus removes toxins. The action of these toxins is blocked at the cellular level.
  • SIGNILIGHT PLUS STIMULATES MICROCIRCULATION – it gradually stimulates the blood circulation in the feet, heels, ankles. This positive action is deepening day by day until it stabilizes at around 80%.
  • SIGNILIGHT PLUS AUTOMATICALLY RELIEVES THE PAIN – after the treatment commencement, the swelling will be gradually and automatically eliminated. No longer you will think about it. The pain and other symptoms will disappear.

How the Signilight Plus supplement should be used?

The Signilight Plus treatment does not require physical activity or any habits or diet change. It all comes down to the fact that the only one thing to remember is taking two pills evey single day. The first should be taken before breakfast, another before lunch. Then you are just observing its positive action such as walking without the pain or your legs look without unaesthetic changes.

The active ingredients of Signilight Plus?

  • Ginkgo Japanese – Ginkgo Biloba- removes the discomfort caused by the narrowing of the arteries. The extract of this plant is the main active ingredient of the SIGNILIGHT PLUS. It determines the effectiveness, which removes the swellings, because the proper blood circulation is restored.
  • Magnesium citrate –supports the circulatory system, improves blood flow and its liquidity. The blood is distributing in the body evenly, what eliminates the disorders.
  • Zinc gluconate – is the most efficiently absorbed form of zinc. Zinc reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Its effect is similar to the strong preparations, but does not cause the side effects.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – has a blood pressure lowering effect, therefore it reduces the risk of swellings. This component acts prophylactically and prevents the appearance of swellings.

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