Skinetrin – The revolutionary capsules

SPECIAL REPORT: American scientists discover a way to neutralize 96,8% fungal rashes on the skin and nails.

Red, cracked and itchy skin on hands and feet have become your daily life? Scientists have finally discovered a way to completely rid yourself of the burden of fungal infections. Thanks to this method, you can enjoy smooth skin and beautiful nails in just four weeks.

It is estimated, that almost 40% of people in the world suffer from fungal skin infections, and every fifth person suffers from fungal nail infections.” – is the latest report on skin disease published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The latest report indicates, that most ways of fighting fungi on your skin are either ineffective or only work for a limited amount of time. But thanks to Florida State University’s prof. Alfred Patson’s newest research, a definitive cure for fungal skin and nail infections is within reach.

Why does one get fungal infections?

Research on the newest method of fighting dermatophytes (bacteria which trigger fungal infections of the skin and nails) has proven, that lacking one key element in your body causes fungal infections and reinfections. In an interview for the „Natural Health” magazine, prof. Alfred Patson admits, that „(…) the main reason for dermatophyte reinfections, which directly influence fungal infections of the skin and nails, is a weak immunity level, or to be more precise, the lack of niacin.”

Niacin, or vitamin B3, plays a key role in restoring the body’s resistance. Bad diet, fast pace of life and stress all cause deficiencies of many important vitamins and nutrients, including niacin. This leads to an impaired resistance and greater risk of catching yeast related infections.

Research carried out by scientists from the Florida State University proves, that niacin (vitamin B3) blocks an enzyme called deacetylase Hst3p. It is responsible for an increase in yeast growth. – It would seem, that halting this enzyme’s activity also prevents yeast from causing infections. – Prof. Patson explains.

How to get rid of it for good?

A team of scientists has proven the versatile and extraordinary effects of niacin. The results of this research have contributed to creating a revolutionary method of fighting fungal infections. Thanks to this method, a four week long treatment will free the user of the burning sensation and skin irritation. The skin will regain its natural colour, elasticity and softness, and most importantly – will be protected from future yeast reinfections.

The key aspect for the scientists at Florida State University was to find and isolate 100% natural B3 vitamin of sufficient concentration, so that it can effectively fight yeast and be completely safe for the human body. The scientists created an innovative product to fight fungal infections called Skinetrin. Results in reverting fungal changes on the skin and nails this good are possible thanks to the new formula and high quality of ingredients used.

Triple effectiveness guaranteed.

Skinetrin works in three stages, which enables it to have long lasting effects. Firstly, by blocking the deacetylase Hst3p, bacteria and fungi are destroyed on a cell level. Secondly, faster epidermis regeneration is possible thanks to the right amount of collagen – a basic protein, which is a building block of human skin. Additionally, vitamin C, which is also an ingredient of Skinetrin, strengthens the immune system and rids the body of toxins. It is the toxins, which in pair with a weakened immune system allow the fungal infections to make repeated appearances.

The Skinetrin has the highest possible vitamin B3 concentration, in easy to swallow capsules. Its composition has been enriched with collagen and vitamin C in its easily absorbed form. All those ingredients boost the immune system and skin repair. These three seemingly regular ingredients packed into one capsule turned out to be a global breakthrough.

To confirm the effectiveness of this method, prof. Patson presented the test results, which his team carried out in April 2015. Volunteers were placed under observation over the period of 4 weeks. Every one of them has hade some form of fungal skin infection problems and/or fungal nail infections in varying stages of advancement.

Nobody achieved such results before

Every participant of this treatment had to undergo basic blood tests. They have shown, that almost all individuals had their natural immunity levels on average 43,2 % lower than what is considered normal. After completing the 4 week treatment the immunity levels of participants rose by almost 50%! Further results were just as surprising.

Professor Patson emphasizes, that just after 2 days of taking Skinetrin 91% of the participants admitted they no longer had strong itches and burning skin. The unpleasant smell disappeared as well. Depending on how advanced the fungal infection was, after 5-8 days red fingers and white blisters started to heal. After 2 weeks from starting the treatment 63% fungal rashes were eliminated in almost all participants.

After finishing the 4 week anti-fungal treatment with Skinetrin capsules, fungal skin changes disappeared almost entirely. The skin on their feet and hands regained its previous structure, became soft and delicate again, and nails were shiny and smooth.

Additionally, participants were asked to stay in contact with prof. Patson’s team for 2 months after completing the treatment. It turned out, that none of the 50 participants had recurring infections.

It really works”

– This is the first product that worked for me! I’ve tried just about anything possible: creams, gels, foot washes… It was only after I tried this treatment that my feet started looking better. I can wear sandals again. My neighbours wonder how I did it after all those years. – says 52 year old Charlotte from Dunnellon (Florida), one of the test participants.

The revolutionary Skinetrin capsules gained favour with American dermatologists very quickly. It wasn’t long ago, that Skinetrin capsule treatment became available in Europe. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by independent experts and Skinetrin is recommended as an effective means of fighting fungal skin and nail infections. Its popularity is growing among people who got rid of their embarrassing problem once and for all.

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