Valgomed – just one month to get rid of bunions

Deformation of the large toe joint can be acquired in a very simple way – it is enough to walk in tight footwear. The problem of the bunions most often concerns women – high, often tight shoes worn day by day cause great discomfort and slowly damage the large finger joint at the foot causing it to distort and deform. Neglected degeneration causes pain to prevent movement – in the last stage surgical intervention (often ineffective) is required. With help comes Valgomed – a separator that is effective even with severe deformity of the joint.

Causes of degeneration

Although the cause of the appearance of the bunions can be hereditary and can also be flat feet, most of the distortion is caused by inadequate footwear. High heels cause the weight of the body to peak in the front of the foot – on the toes. If the shoe additionally ends with a crest (smaller or larger) then the foot starts to distort gradually. The big finger under the influence of weight and pressure begins to tilt and the joint deforms. The weight of the body instead of resting on a larger area focuses on an already degenerate joint, which causes greater discomfort walking and painful pain. Halitosis is often accompanied by other symptoms: metatarsal discomfort, painful skin thickening, imprints or exfoliative (fluid bubbles around the protruding bead). None of these symptoms should be ignored – it is necessary to act before the pain prevents walking.

How Valgomed works

Valgomed is a separator that ensures the correct position of your toes; wearing it daily allows for gradual correction of the position of the fingers and removal of joint degeneration. Just apply a foot separator every day to keep Valgomed on all day long: it removes pain, discomfort, and your feet will look better with every passing week. Valgomed is effective even with advanced joint deformities – it relieves even when overlapping fingers occur.

  • Proper position of the toes of the foot
    The separator gradually adjusts the position of the fingers: it reduces joint strain, alleviates pain and prevents other deformities associated with bunions such as flat feet. Gradual deformation correction has one more advantage – it is completely painless. Wearing a Valgomed separator ensures the proper work of the entire foot, eliminating not only the problem of bunions, but also boils, abrasions or inflammation of the skin.
  • Protection
    Valgomed fixes existing problems and protects against deformation of joints. Thanks to the fact that the separator ensures that the foot is working properly and its uniform load during walking, it eliminates the problem of abrasions, fingerprints, scabs and inflammation. Even in the case of a deep deformity tumor, Valgomed prevents degeneration to protect the affected area against compression, abrasions and wounds.
  • Walking comfort
    Valgomed is made from hypoallergenic silicone that does not cause any sensitization. The material has yet another advantage: it is virtually invisible. It can be worn both in indoor shoes as well as in sandals or flip flops – so that it can be worn everyday and does not adversely affect the aesthetics of the outfit. Due to its shape and tight fitting to the foot it is completely invisible. The flexibility and tightness of the Valgomed foot completely removes the possibility of rubbing your fingers – it can be worn without worry.

Evidence of the effectiveness of Valgomed

Compared to other methods of fighting bunions, Valgomed is by far the most often recommended by professionals. Chiropractors, comparing the efficacy of two other methods of fixing buinions – massage and surgical interventions – have begun to recommend Valgomed separators to patients. Unlike other methods, Valgomed does not give relief only for a while – it works long term, gradually eliminating the resulting degenerative changes. Thanks to this, the correction of the position of the fingers and restoration of the natural position and proper functioning of the joint occurs almost naturally; Every day, inflammation decreases, edema disappears and walking comfort returns.

“After a few of my patients began to come back a few months after the operation with the deformity of the large finger joint, in other words: bunions, I began to wonder: what else can I do? They complained of relapse after a painful operation and ineffective massage – they tried everything on their own. I started to recommend them to the same separator which was previously used by patients with degenerative disease in the initial or intermediate stages. It turned out that Valgomed also works on deep degeneration of the joint – for the desired end result you have to wait a bit longer, but it’s worth it! Already at the first check-up visit, they found that they only feel slight discomfort – previously they were practically unable to walk! Not only did my finger slowly return to its place, but I noticed less and less swelling, swelling and wounds caused by abrasions on the feet. The patients – and most of my patients with the bunions – additionally praise Valgomed for being virtually invisible: they do not have to sacrifice elegant shoes. For my patients suffering from bunions, I always recommend Valgomed – it’s a product that has helped thousands of patients! ” H. Smith, specialist podologist.

Valgomed – effectively, permanently, better

The separator is recommended by professionals dealing with the daily diagnosis and treatment of foot diseases. Valgomed eliminates the problem of bunions not only in the initial stages of degeneration, but also during advanced deformation that prevents movement. The fact that you can use it yourself is great – just put the separator on your finger and slightly squeeze to guarantee the correct placement of the fingers. It can be worn with any shoe, which makes everyday wear of Valgomed not a problem – you can even forget that it is on the feet. Relief is almost instantaneous, and the first effects can be observed after the first 10 days of use (but remember to have a separator worn daily for a minimum of 7 hours). Finally, you can get rid of the bunions in a completely painless way!

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